As some of you may have noticed, connectivity to Return of Kings this week was spotty, and comment sections were full of vitriol. This was due to Tuthmosis’ article “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder” and Trouble Maker’s “20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated” The hateful response by women garnered an unprecedented high of page views. Tuthmosis’ article was liked on facebook over 100,000 times, innumerable tweets, and Trouble Maker’s article reached nearly 2000 comments. Millions of page views came in from all over the world and here is what the viewers had in common:

1. Feminist Rage Is A Young Privileged White Women Phenomenon

99% of the haters were 18-22 year old white women attending university somewhere in North America, UK, or Scandinavia.

I saw a supreme lack of female haters from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, or India. I guess they were too busy being stoned to death, being a possession of their husbands, being gang raped, or being sold into a human trafficking to get offended on twitter.


2. They Love Being Told What To Hate and Hate Being Told What to Feel

University freshmen, having their first taste of freedom and biased sociology teachings, were the overwhelmingly violent haters on Tuthmosis’ article. They all felt a self importance by preaching the scripture of their university approved ideas. Since what Tuthmosis told them was not what they were taught it must be wrong and it must be eliminated.

On the other hand the general female consensus was that Tuthmosis’ article was telling women they should have an eating disorder to please men. Most women struggle with their weight psychologically and physically, but this is a result of other women and female-oriented media. If they admitted this was the case they would be shown as weak so they must lash out at the man who tells them to feel the way they truly are.


3. Women Crave Drama

Plain and simple. Celebrities tweeted the post early on and there were a multitude of women who posted the article to every big name feminist blog they could think of begging for them to take it down. As Scorpion said on the forum:

I love how these women don’t understand the internet. When they see something they think is horrible, they want to share it far and wide and get as many eyeballs as possible on it. It would be like if their was a little dog with explosive diarrhea sitting by itself in a corner, and instead of leaving it alone, they pick it up and carry it across the entire house, spreading shit all over the floor, saying “OMFG everyone look at this dog that keeps shitting all over the place! Can you believe this? OMG!”

The female imperative that craves drama and emotional solidarity from peers overrides all logic. And so it is that feminists unwittingly find themselves foot soldiers in the RoK army, helping to spread our message far and wide. Thanks bitches.

4. Women Are Attracted To Power And A Powerful Man Goes Against The Current

This reason is more subtle, but if you look at Tuthmosis’ twitter, all of the angry tweets, all of the conversations, and all of the reaction videos there is one thing in common: these women are undeniably turned on and have no other way to express this than to contact Tuthmosis directly and hope he replies back. They are truly feeling rage and indignation, but some of this feeling spills over into an attraction to his power. They have no choice but to be attracted to a man who can, with one touch of a button, control the emotions of millions. A woman will only ever call the man she loves an asshole.


5. Their Accountability Is Appealing To A Higher Power

It is in women’s nature to submit to a power greater than them. In relationships it is men, in life it is the government or God. In the case of this viral episode women petitioned to to get ROK removed from the internet. They tweeted and shared the post asking their favorite feminist identities to please take the site down. Not a single one of them simply closed their browser or told their sisters not to look at it for it will bring them no value.

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