I just found out that Miss Venezuela won Miss Universe 2013. I can’t say I’m a fan of her tranny face…

In fact, I think there are 13 other girls who are more beautiful than her. Here are my selections:

13. Korea

Thick hair and dynamite hip-to-waist ratio.

12. Slovenia

Her eyes are spaced too far apart, but otherwise she’s very nice.

11. Costa Rica

Jaw can be less prominent.

10. Dominican Republic

I don’t have sex with black women often, but if I do, this is what I want.

9. Thailand

Cute and petite, though the ass looks like a pancake.

8. Spain

Classic Latin look, strong child-bearing hips.

7. Lithuania

Forehead is a bit large, but I like her look.


6. Australia

Very pretty, though shoulders are too husky for my taste.

5. Paraguay

Doll face, tiny body, gigantic ass. I would love to demolish her.

4. USA

If the average American girl look liked this, I would have never left the country. Beautiful.

3. Colombia

Stiff body language, but super gorgeous.

2. Hungary

This right here is why I live in Eastern Europe.

1. Finland

I don’t even prefer blondes, but this is as close to genetic perfection as you’ll get.

You can see all the contestants here.

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