Last night I was initiated into my fraternity after a five-week pledge period. As is usual on a fraternity induction/initiation night, we drank and talked about women. I would say that there are only three or four red pill guys out of 23 in the entire fraternity. One has been beaten around by life and realizes how the world really works. He has been screwed over so many times that he really has no choice but to be red pill. The other three are myself, the fraternity treasurer, and the guy in charge of the fraternity brotherhood.

After many beers, a game or two of pong, and a trip to a convenience store, we began to speak about (what else?) women. The treasurer and I both sucked with women in high school, but got into game (him indirectly, me directly) and saw huge spikes in our ability. He and I see it pretty similarly. Another guy (not red pill) took offense to what I said about the traditional idea of “chivalry” being nonsense.

It seems as though men used to be raised with balls, as I said in my earlier article about Walt Kowalski. Now, we’re too busy trying to make boys believe in “touchy feely” crap, which is embodied in our educational system. This is one of the biggest issues with the liberalization of education.  As someone who went through four weeks of “extended orientation” about diversity, rape (which was highly antagonistic, mind you), and other mind-numbing topics, I’ve very recently had to deal with this. We’re too damned busy trying to teach men about crap that doesn’t mean anything. Yes, diversity is important, and we need to respect other people’s ways of living (up to a certain point) but when you’re trying to shame someone for not being a LGBT “ally,” there’s an issue.

There are many reasons why the average man has become a “white knight”/pussy. These are three of the most important:

1. The Rise Of Feminism

With the rise of feminism, men have been told they should have sympathy for every issue that a woman has. This is what some call “chivalry.” I call it the pussification of the West. Chivalry is dead, and feminism uses it as an excuse while demanding equality and attempting to empower women. While I support things that are truly equal, like equal pay for equal work and equal opportunity, it doesn’t mean that women should get benefits that men will never receive. Unfortunately, the feminist idea of equality is where men are subjugated. By and large, feminists have succeeded.

Misandry is, unfortunately, alive and well. Look at how our court system works in the United States. Refer to the Duke Lacrosse case, where a slut cried “RAPE” and managed to destroy the lives of three young men. What happens if a sexually promiscuous man does that? Nothing. Hell, I bet it never would’ve made the local news, yet alone Nancy (dis)Grace. Look at how sexually promiscuous men are called “players,” but sluts are “sexually liberated.”

2. Social Pressure

This falls slightly under reason one, but it’s important to differentiate the two. I took the red pill in January of 2013 (so not too long ago). I’ve gotten shit from a lot of people about it. I’ve been questioned about how I can call a woman a slut but not call a guy with game a slut. I’ve been cockblocked by white knights who repulse women. I’ve also had some of my greatest personal growth in this period. Prior to January, I couldn’t have cold approached a woman drunk. The second night of frat rush (second night I went out), I cold approached three women sober. I did the same thing again the next weekend.

I took a lot of shit for taking the red pill but I stayed the course. However, how many do not? How many men give in? Society tells us that men should be sweet, sensitive, romantic, and all that Disney nonsense. It’s easy to be a mangina/white knight. Women tell you that’s what they want, society likes you, and people won’t dislike you to your face.


Mainstream society conditions men to be this way, and going against the grain of society is very difficult. Most take it and find they can’t enjoy what the majority of people still enjoy. Personally, I can’t watch many movies anymore, because I get irritated with the theme of the nice, quiet guy getting the girl in the end. Actually, I find myself reading more books than I used to.

3. Institutional Collapse Of Marriage

Marriage used to be a sacred contract with the oath “’til death do us part” taken seriously. Now, it’s seen as an eight to ten year commitment, with the man losing at least half of his property and custody of his children. Sons need fathers in their lives on a regular basis. My father was usually working during my childhood. My grandfather acted as my surrogate father until I was about six, and I thank God for it. He didn’t teach me about the red pill, but he planted the seeds in me through stories of his childhood and his heroes as a boy. He taught me to know when to stand my ground and take a stance. He also taught me how to know when to compromise with people. Both have been unbelievably useful.

With the institutional collapse of marriage has come the rise of the single mother. Single mothers can’t teach boys how to be men, regardless of what the feminists want you to believe. These boys become manginas. They’re forced to believe in the feminist talking points because they don’t have another viewpoint. Unfortunately, most fathers can’t raise boys into men either, but fathers are better equipped. The single mother is seen as a hero by many liberals and the mainstream media. Bill Clinton was an exception; he saw the benefits to having a nuclear family. How many times does CNN or another 24 hour news network talk about the “heroic single mother?” I would say at least once a week, if not more. How many time is the single father reported on? Almost never.

A Brief Anecdote:

The aforementioned “white knight” came into the frat house in a bad mood. He had taken a girl to the International Relations (IR) club formal and been promptly ditched. Then she started making out with another guy in the corner. He entered the house somewhat drunk, but not horribly so. He then told us his story of woe. When I told him what he should’ve done, he said I have “no experience with women” because I proposed that he change his actions. He then told us that he thought he lost her when he accidentally”stood her up,” after making himself ridiculously available to her for the last two weeks. Sure, honor your commitments to people, but don’t be so available that it appears you have nothing else going on in your life.


It’s easy to be a mangina. It’s far easier to be blue pill than red pill, and it’s what society expects of us. I understand the world needs manginas. If every guy were an alpha, we wouldn’t have such a wide array of choices. Manginas/white knights have risen because of the institutional collapse of marriage, societal pressure, and the rise of feminism. With all of these issues, it’s no wonder that the majority of men will be content having a soul crushing 9-5 job, a wife who hates their bloody guts, and no chance to ever improve themselves.

Now, being an alpha doesn’t necessarily mean being an entrepreneur who travels the globe, makes a ton of money, and sets his own hours. It doesn’t mean being a controlling douchebag either. In my experience, I’ve found that domineering men tend to be very beta. So what does being an alpha mean? It means being your own man, judiciously speaking your mind, and continuously moving forward towards your goals. You can hold a 9-5 job if you want to, as long as you enjoy it and can be married, as long as it’s a healthy relationship.  There’s nothing beta about either of those.

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