Walt Kowalski, the protagonist of Gran Torino, is a product of an earlier time. In many ways, he is the red pill incarnate. However, his wisdom is unintentional. He lives without a care as to what others think. He is a threat to the modern status quo, giving modern men five tremendous lessons. In so doing, he transforms his neighbor from an omega into an alpha.

1. Men used to be raised with balls.

During Gran Torino, Walt faces many challenges, some of which may result in his injury, death, or people simply not liking him. Regardless, he does what he feels is best, and not what will endear him to others. The best example is his refusal to call the police and confronting intruders with a M1 Garand instead.

A man of today would never do that. Rather, he would call the police and retreat into his house, then pray that nobody entered the house. Men need to take action, not be passive. Successful people take action. Failures are passive. Kowalski is a product of the 20s and 30s, where men weren’t subject to public ridicule. You did what you had to, if you were a man. Forget what everyone else thinks, and flout society’s expectations. You are your own man. Never forget that, despite what all the betas, “white knights,” omegas, and feminazis want you to believe.

2. Say what you want.

Walt Kowalski is an unabashed racist, calling Hmong “gooks,” Italians “dagos,” and Irish “paddies.” But he doesn’t conform to what’s “acceptable.” I’m not saying to be a racist, but I am saying that most guys who worry about society’s reaction tend to be either betas or omegas. We move towards being alphas just by learning this stuff.

Now, let’s relate this to game and lifestyle in general. As men, we need to say what we think. Not just to other men or our friends, but to everyone. That doesn’t mean you should be the negative, energy-sucking fellow. Nobody likes him. Rather, be the man who isn’t afraid to disagree. Be the guy who isn’t afraid to take initiative and say “let’s do this.” Be the man who takes control of situations. For example, I’m a fraternity brother at my university. During pledge, our pledge class president wasn’t doing his job one night. We were being lax in our duties. I started getting people together so we could do tasks we needed to do, kicking some guys asses and telling them “get your ass in gear.”

I had my pledge brothers there the next three nights.



3. Age should be no object

Kowalski is at least 75 years old. Now, I’m not saying that you need to pull women at that age… nobody does. He doesn’t let his age get in his way. Rather than sit at home and meekly watch his world go to shit, Kowalski fights back, knowing he has nothing to lose. In the process, he helps his neighbor become a stronger man. This sets him up for a bright future, as long as he stays away from feminism.

Now, apply this to game and understand two things. First, we are conditioned to believe that passive game is worth everything. Look at the stuff that the media throws out there. I’ve seen many older men with young, hot women. Most people attribute that to money and looks. Well, these guys aren’t wealthy and aren’t good looking. Logically, they shouldn’t get women. However, they do.

4. Don’t take crap. Ever.

Kowalski doesn’t take crap from anyone. His family, friends, and neighbors all realize that he won’t tolerate dealing with nonsense, as is shown on his birthday. Pussies let people get away with giving them crap. The type who goes “it’s okay,” “not a big deal,” or “don’t worry.” Secretly, however, pussies are burning up on the inside. Men tell it like it is. We stand up for ourselves, something that we seem to have bred out of boys.

Women will try to shit test you. It happens and if you want to fuck them, you have to beat it. There are a lot of ways to do it. My favorite involves making her wait for me to finish something.

5. Don’t care what people think about you

Kowalski doesn’t care what people think about him.  He is completely unapologetic in what he says, does, and thinks. He operates completely on his own terms, and doesn’t care if people like it or not. To me, this was a huge lesson, and one that I am still learning (I’m 18). The red pill reveals a world that most men will never enter. When you determine a goal and start pushing towards it, people will give you shit. People will be jealous. Some people can’t stand the idea of someone who speaks his mind regularly. Screw them, push yourself, live your life, and be an Alpha in every part of your life.

My friend, a fellow fraternity brother, is dating a girl – a bad idea to keep a girlfriend when you go to college anyway. This pussy is the epitome of the blue pill. A few nights ago, we performed one leg of a famous event at my university. It involves streaking. He texted his girlfriend to ask for permission to streak.

To reiterate briefly, Walt Kowalski is a man’s man. He teaches us the lessons that we need to learn. In many ways, he’s why I became interested in the red pill in the first place. He is what we should aspire to, although we do not need to be bitter or racists. Rather, we should take his positive attributes and apply them to our own lives. I have noticed that I have begun to live a far happier, more fulfilled life since I did.

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