I’ve heard various bits of hearsay science around human beings only being able to count to three in our brain (e.g., 5 is represented in our brain as 3+2).

Whether or not that’s true, I seem to find that achieving almost anything can be distilled to a core of three points.  Once all the waffle is stripped away, any further advice will always be built upon them.

This is not to say that more in-depth research is useless, just that the fundamentals never stop being required and refocusing on the basics is a good way to move past a sticking point.

Goal:  Build a physique like a male fitness model.


  1. Gym three times a week
  2. Eat properly (lots of eggs, steak, veggies etc.)
  3. Get a good amount of sleep each night

Timeframe:  6 years*

That’s it. 

There is no “One surprising secret to…”

There is no “Top 10 things that will help you …”.

There is no “Science reveals new method for …”.

Everything comes down to a simple plan, discipline, experimentation and persistence through failure. I’ve already written about the six points I consider to be fundamental and universal desires.  Here is everything you need to achieve each one.  Life transformation guaranteed in a period of 5 – 15 years.


Be respected, popular and charming

  1. Understand your input to someone’s perspective in five minutes is a tiny speck compared to the thousands of other reference experiences they used to build their current frame of understanding.  The reverse is also true.
  2. Provide opportunities for other people to talk.  On an interpersonal scale this means having your mouth shut more often than open.  On a societal scale this means organizing events of any kind with some social element.
  3. Give time, compliments, attention, good conversation, introductions, gifts, loans, advice on situations you have experience with etc.

Have lots of money

  1. Work
  2. Don’t spend all of your paycheck
  3. Invest

Be intelligent

  1. Read
  2. Listen to podcasts
  3. Talk to people that are highly opinionated or also follow the first two steps (bonus points if they are a recognized expert in a given field, usually the most opinionated and who have done the most research of everyone)

Get a girlfriend

  1. Talk to girls you find attractive
  2. Ask them out
  3. Close

Own your own time

  1. Develop a practically useful skill like plumbing, computer programming (not pushing papers at a desk)
  2. Offer to exchange labor in that field for money to individuals that require that service
  3. As your clientele grows, hire someone else to do the bits you dislike or are bored with.  Eventually someone else provides the pair of hands that does every part of the job, and you just perform basic quality inspection (doesn’t take long) and receive the check

From these lists, you may realize you’re overcomplicating things and that you’re doing one of the steps wrong.  Either the solution will be immediately apparent or you will know what exactly further research should be focused on. If you are not satisfied with your Generation 21st Century approved Life Fulfillment Plan, feel free to return it, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

*For those on the impatient side, this duration can be shortened with steroids at the expense of your wallet and chances of a liver failure.  However, it will still require years of hard work.

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