I spent this past week with a Russian girl I met in Moscow, who was visiting America for the first time. Aside from how refreshing it is to be around a non-American woman, it magnified the extreme differences between these women. My experience with her both in private and in public reminded me how gross American women are and, consequently, what it is like to be around a real woman.

1. Appearance

American women just don’t care about their appearances. This comes across both in physical body manifestation as well as choice of wardrobe. Granted this is an extreme example, but the Russian girl wore a dress and heels to go on a short hike because she said it was more important she look good for her pictures than be comfortable. Even though she got stares and some comments, and maybe deservedly so considering it was almost 80 degrees out on a hiking trial, I looked around and couldn’t help but smile. I was surrounded by dumpy lesbian looking girls wearing spandex pants when they shouldn’t be and chowing down a “health” bar. I’d take this extreme concern for beauty over complete lack of care for one’s presentation.

That is just one example.  Think of how many times you walk around the US and see American girls in flats, unkempt, and generally disheveled. Even more sad is that they are proud of being fat, and almost display it as a sign of prosperity. Have you seen girls with muffin tops wearing baby tees? Of course you have, even in places like Los Angeles where it is generally known that people care about image. Take a look at this picture I snapped during a Halloween party at a club. She was one of several girls that had no problem, reservation or hesitation with displaying their fat rolls and fat asses for the public to see.  Gross.

2. Age

In most other countries in the world, when a girl exceeds the age of 25 she is no longer in clubs or bars partying the nights away. She is no longer single and hunting for men. She is not out with her friends getting plastered on a Saturday night, only to wake up the next morning and put on some sweatpants to waddle over to Starbucks and get a latte.

Yet in America, women seem to be oblivious to the fact that as they age nobody wants to see them out partying. Or having drinks. Or having a girls’ night out. Or wearing that slutty dress. Stay home ladies. It is not attractive to see the crow’s feet face when the bars close and the lights turn on. Here’s a little surprise for you — the only reason “cougars” enjoy any success is because men are horny as hell and are open to banging a variety of women. That does not mean he will ever choose you over your 22-year-old counterpart.

Even if you managed to stay thin (bravo to you), you are still old and need to realize that before cats take over your life.  Not to mention you may be pushing the same age as the guy’s mother. The looser skin, looser vagina, and all around weathering is a turn off. Gross.

* Disclaimer: They do however consistently give great head. I guess decades of practice at anything will make you an expert.


3. Demeanor

Because I am focusing on American girls, I have to draw on my previous experiences with other cultures to make the distinction. Outside America, girls walk around with class and dignity. They wear heels out, they exude sexuality in a subtle way. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there. But it’s easy to explain how American girls act.

They curse like sailors. “Can you fucking believe what that asshole did?” You will walk by during the day and overhear a phone conversation about a guy’s sexual performance or see girls at a bar sharing dick pics. Whereas girls in other countries are careful to remain ladylike, girls here seem to go out of their way to display their masculinity and over the top callousness.

Go to Argentina or Brazil and you will see couples making out in the streets, in parks, even restaurants. However this is refreshing rather than disgusting as it stems from actual affection and desire for one another, and not just some drunken oral play that later can turn out to be supposed rape.

They get absolutely tanked. Falling all over the place. Taking pisses on the street behind food trucks.  This weekend I had to watch a chunky girl get fingerbanged on the dance floor while her fat friends stood around and rooted her on. Simply gross.

4. Sex

There are many benefits for men to discontinue watching porn. But I think it’s time for the ladies to lay off the damn porn too. Like any other guy I enjoy a good hard romp in the bed, and like to get a little crazy here and there. But American girls take it to another level. We already know all girls like rough sex; however that doesn’t mean you have to be a filthy whore about it. Almost like clockwork, every American girl when you trespass her vaginal walls turns into a porn star. “Pound your cock in me!” “Fuck that pussy!” “Say I’m your slut!” And so on. It is almost like if you don’t pile drive them six ways to sideways while choking them and then cumming on their faces then you are a weak man. This is likely why so many of us enjoy the hunt more than the actual act of sex, which to me has lost its allure in America.

Having sex with a Brazilian is intense. Having sex with a Russian is passionate. It is amazing to see a girl silent with words yet vocal in her body’s shuddering and reactions. At most you get an “oh god” or “oh yes” in their native tongue. Regardless of what country you insert in the previous sentences, it hands down beats out these American girls…the ones that request you to stick it in their ass while fish-hooking their mouths with your finger as you push their head down into the pillows and finish on their buttholes like a human toilet. Gross.

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