Gentlemen, having been out of the States since 2004, I’m back for a bit and would like to share a few of my observations and experiences in the field.

1. American women are intrigued by a man’s expat experiences.


Roosh has reported the same thing on his return visits to America. Places on the globe that are of particular interest to American women are countries in South America and Western Europe. These areas are  considered by them to be a “Gran Aventura”, whereas if a man states that he spends his time in the Philippines or Eastern Europe, most American women will assume he is gash mongering. Not that I give a rat’s ass about American women anymore, but oddly enough it would seem that despite being in my 40’s, as a result of my work and travels outside America, I get more interest from American women in their 20s than ever before in my life.

When a man becomes an expatriate and spends his time with quality foreign women, he acquires a way of being, a gestalt of sorts. That is to say that because of one’s experiences with foreign women,you automatically project with your mannerisms and body language an indifference to the Westernized woman. You have an “I don’t give a shit about you” attitude that they pick up on, and you become more attractive in their eyes. We must also factor in that in the wake of their secure, easy, government co-sponsored, mundane day to day existence in America, women are always looking for adventure. That you, being an expatriate man, they realize you are blazing your own exciting trail in life, and the little darlings want in.

 2. To get to the better quality American females, in terms of looks and psyche, social connections are becoming more important.

A woman in America who doesn’t have worms in her head induced by pop culture and feminism exposure is difficult to find nowadays. So social circles matter more. As in, real life people who know you and become acquainted with other people that know you. This way is much easier then going at establishing rapport from scratch with no connections. Given the current zeitgeist in America, this makes sense; Americans who are sane and live their lives according to common sense and decency, are cautious about who they allow in their inner circle.

3. A lot of younger guys are still very clueless.

The above video clip is a typical excerpt of the current state of affairs in the USA. There remains a lot of young men still clueless to just how lame American women are. They are mangina white knights being played for suckers by the system. They are also still very clueless to game. Sporting their momma’s boys garments, including the red jeans (seems like this is official hipster army issue clothing, the only thing missing is the yellow hammer and sickle on the left rear pocket) they really fail miserably with the basics.


I observed one night at a local bar a guy rambling on to some chick, and I’m sure he felt he was talking her up and making all the right moves. He was not. At the very least guys should be able to gauge a woman’s interest in case she’s bored, so he can change his strategy. This is why older, experienced men actually have a better shot at a young hottie then a dude her age. The older man owes his superior refinement to his experiences, especially if he is an expatriate

4.  30-something single women in America are starting to get spooked that too many men are shying away from marriage


These women sense the undercurrent. They fear that they may be destined to grow old with a vibrator and a cat. Everyone is seeing more men quietly withdraw themselves from the pre-ordained life mandated by society. They are men going their own way (MGTOW), and the girls in their 30’s are panicking behind closed doors. To find marriage these women change to become more enticing.

Nearly every woman in her 30’s I meet here is nice, complimentary, flirtatious, and of course easy to fuck. Fine if you don’t mind having sex with a woman who is past her prime, but I’ll pass. Women who in their 20’s thought they were too cool for the universe because they were young and female start singing a different tune when they hit their 30’s and start aging. Meanwhile I’m in my late 40’s and my South American girlfriend is 25.  American women, ain’t karma a bitch?

It should be noted that 30 something American women are not becoming traditionally minded or anything, but rather they are simply in a desperate rush to find the useful idiot who will put a roof over her head. Once an American man goes foreign, American females both in their age 20’s and 30’s are sloppy seconds and cannot compete with non-Western women. In all fairness, I have been critical of foreign women, but mainly for the green horn men who think that jumping on a plane and finding better companionship is an easy and quick task.  It takes time but your chances of finding a quality girlfriend elsewhere are better, as opposed to in the States where men have to contend with the overweight, screwed up, tattooed, walking STD incubators that are pass for women today.


5. That spending extensive time outside the Anglosphere is truly a fulfilling experience.


This is a life experience that one will never get at any college nor any amount of internet keyboard jockeying. Once an American man becomes an expatriate he is no longer an “American”  in the traditional sense, but he may never be a citizen of his new home country either. What usually happens with most expatriates is that they end up between the cultures, becoming a World Citizen. This broadens one’s horizon, and teaches him what it means to be human. I find myself less judgmental of American men who have never been outside the country. Had I never left, I would still think like a lot of these men. A man’s attitude and behaviors are a result of his environment and government, a government whose aim is to play every man for a fool.

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