Power Level

What is your power level? It is a euphemism for enlightenment. This enlightenment takes the form of what some would call “red pill” status. Knowing how the world really works is very useful in getting power, money, and pussy. This  knowledge is seen as a threat by some so a smart man will not reveal his power level in all environments.


Haters Gonna Hate

As was demonstrated in this article here, there are people who actually go looking to hammer those who do not toe the party line. Anyone who has been to an American college can attest to this. If you don’t believe me, go take a gender studies class and question the pay gap myth and see what happens.

Be The Zebra

A good practical exercise in hiding your power level would be to pretend you don’t understand a language for your in a multilingual environment. For example if you go to Germany pretend you don’t know German and see what people say around you in German. You would be surprised at what they actually say they think you cannot understand. Playing dumb is a strategy to use in many other environments such as bars college classes and police interview rooms.



But What About Open Debate?

Some would say hiding your intelligence or worldly knowledge hinders humanity’s advancement. This is true in an open and fair society. Such a society doesn’t really exist though. Whether it’s the Khmer Rouge taking smart college professors to the fields to kill them, or certain researchers being ostracized for non-politically correct studies, sometimes revealing your power level is a detriment.

Can’t Lead A Horse To Water

Another reason the hide power levels is because some people are dumb and working to enlighten them is a fools errand. Trying to educate a potential lay at the bar about the socioeconomic situation in China is not really going to help your mission. Trying to convince that college professor the folly of his ways is only getting get you a bad grade. You have to pick and choose where and when you reveal your true power level for your benefit.

There Is A Time And Place For Everything

A wise man will pick and choose when and where he reveals his true power level. One place is this site. This is why it continues to grow more popular over time. Places where you must hide your true power level are slowly becoming parodies of themselves. Examples would include woman studies, centralized healthcare, and broadcast TV. Remember, discretion is key.

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