With the recent overwhelmingly large success of Fat Shaming Week, I think it’s time to take a different tack on things. That is to say, I believe it’s time for a Week of Praise.

Currently, there is much anger and negativity in the manosphere. It’s very easy for an outsider to peg us as bitter, pessimistic, and as a bunch of negative Nigels. I’m not saying that all the negativity, bitterness, and anger out there are misplaced. They exist and there is good reason for them too. I believe there needs to be a balance. Positivity to balance out the negativity. Moderation to balance out immoderation. We need some Yin to our Yang.

Our shame can only have so much effect by itself. The stick is only so effective without the carrot. Knowing that women seek attention by design, it only makes sense to portion it out accordingly. With shame, we let women know what not to do, lest they suffer our displeasure. With praise, we let woman know what’s okay and what we like. Feminists, magazines like Cosmo and Vogue, and washed up cougars shouldn’t have a monopoly on telling women what it is that men desire. Women need men to lead them. Otherwise, you have a case of the blind being led by the blind.

There are still women out there who are striving be good women in an age of temptation, and in the crab bucket we call today’s society. I see no reason why those special women shouldn’t receive some encouragement.

It is time to let women know that:

  • It’s okay to be submissive to a man
  • It’s okay to be good at cooking
  • It’s okay to be good at cleaning
  • It’s okay to want to be a traditional, stay-at-home mom
  • It’s okay to be feminine and petite
  • It’s okay to be skinny and interested in staying in shape
  • It’s okay to get married young and chaste
  • It’s okay to take care of your man according to his wants and needs
  • It’s okay to not like effeminate men

I dream of the day where women brag about how well they treat their men, how much and healthy they cook, and how much they gyrate their baby factories in an attempt to placate the insatiable appetite of their beloved husbands. I dream of a day where women speak of their husbands with reverence and follow the examples of celebrities renowned for their class, poise, modesty, home-cooking, and loyalty.

Therefore, I issue a call to action that men hoist the examples of women who got it right on high. We’ve told women what they should dread turning into. Now is the time to show them what they should aspire to become.

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