In the past, rape used to be an ultra-violent entry of a vagina, usually involving a stranger who stalked a woman in public and then dragged her into an alley. While this type of rape 1.0 still occurs, a new type of rape is sweeping the nation: rape 2.0. This “rape” is where the woman felt regret, guilt, anger, or embarrassment after having consensual sex with a man she had attraction for. Today, any woman can put a man’s life in jeopardy by crying rape simply because she felt like a slut. This is exactly what recently happened at Ohio University.

There, a woman allowed a man to eat her vagina in public. Many photos were taken, including this one:


There is also a video showing the man giving her sexual pleasure. She liked it enough to grab his head to direct the action:

Female Ohio University Student Says She Was Raped After Getting Her Box Eaten In Public While Folks Stood By   Took Photos! + Some Footage. You Be The Judge  Ohio University Investigating This Alleged

What did the girl do once she realized photos of her slutty behavior made their way online? She went to the police and said she was raped:

A university student photographed while appearing to be engaging in a public sex act near Ohio University’s Athens campus tells police she was being raped as fellow students watched and uploaded pictures.

A meme was made to commemorate her brutal rape:








And on a more serious footing…

help-rape2 copy

Thanks to photographic evidence, it doesn’t appear that the carpet muncher is going to jail, but that hasn’t stopped Ohio feminist Allie Erwin from saying that, photos or not, a rape still occurred (2:23). Without considering the evidence, she is ready to lock the man up for several years, going along with feminist doctrine to always presume male guilt. Not only does the man deserve to go to jail, but Allie won’t be your friend if you don’t actively tweet about the horrors of rape culture:

There may also be foul play from the Ohio University’s Dean of Students, Jenny Hall-Jones, to hide the identify of the lying accuser. Expectantly, she has feminist sympathies, having previously whined about the sexism boogeyman. We have a feminist activist delivering a guilty plea on television and a feminist Dean who is shielding a false rape accuser who clearly broke the law in filing a false police report. Ohio University is making it very clear that you will not be punished if you wrongly charge a man with a crime that can send him to jail for over 10 years. Young men may want to pass on attending this school.

For every one of these false accusers that we catch, how many more did we miss? Feminists will continue to say this is a “small” problem, but men know very well that hooking up with the wrong girl can send them a world of trouble. It seems that the feminist goal of making consensual sex considered as rape is well on its way.

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