It’s your fault you dread your 9 to 5, your asshole boss, and the cattiness of human resources.

It’s your fault you drink every weekend as a salve for the work week’s wounds.

It’s your fault you’re so poor that a blown head gasket would spell disaster.

It’s your fault you graze on Facebook and wish more people liked you; that your life had more excitement.

It’s your fault your friends don’t call you because you only talk to them when you need something.

It’s your fault you spend 20 hours a week sedated by technology, waiting for something more.

It’s your fault you feel content watching hours of television instead of imbibing the wisdom of men wiser than you.

It’s your fault you’ve become complacent and can only dream of adventure.


It’s your fault your insecurities leave you paralyzed when opening up to a new situation.

It’s your fault you’re so irrationally afraid of failure that you sacrifice your happiness for stability.

It’s your fault your focus is spread so thin that you rarely accomplish any task you set out to do without interruption.

It’s your fault you lack discipline and slide back to the bottom after barely making a start.

It’s your fault you spend hours planning and over-thinking instead of taking action.

It’s your fault you tell yourself day in and day out that you can’t.

When everything is your fault, beauty lies in the ability to change for a better tomorrow.

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