It’s easy to get distracted. Back in college I would peruse Facebook. Watch the news. Play video games. Talk shit with my roommates.

I would do anything to distract myself. From what you ask. From myself.

Was I uncomfortable in my own flesh? Maybe. Was it the path of least resistance? Quite possibly. At times I still fall into the above pattern. And so I write this article as a reminder to myself.

Do You Avoid Yourself?

With the rise of smartphones and social media, we are becoming more and more detached from our own bodies. Constantly plugged in and over-stimulated, we find less and less satisfaction from reading a book, or from spending time alone in silence.

And when you do find yourself with a free hour or two – what do you do? Open your smartphone? Turn on the TV? It has become all too common to seek these forms of… entertainment if you will. Distractions, really.

When I fight the urge for instant stimulation and instead take a deep breath and slow down – I always feel more energy, more alive.

Focusing On Yourself ≠ Attention Whoring

Bitch to your friend about your day at work. Send a tweet about the meal you just ate at. Post a new picture on Facebook.


No these things don’t count. They are the opposite of the kind of focus I am trying to communicate. Seeking approval and bragging are not equivalent to focusing on yourself. They indirectly focus on others and their thoughts and emotions. Furthermore they are beta behaviors that signal weakness.

3 Ways To Focus On Yourself

1. Meditate – Being alone with your thoughts is so unnatural to some people that they immediately flee and seek outside stimulation. Sit for some time alone and feel your breath. Become comfortable being alone – doing nothing, thinking nothing.

2. Read – Nothing stimulates my imagination like reading a book. Rather than watching images or videos rapidly progress with no time for thought, books encourage contemplation and calmness.

3. Exercise – Exercise is a fundamental way to allow your body to express itself and release pent up energy. Whether you chose to dance, lift weights, or play a sport – vigorously using your body turns off the mind and allows your body to flow.

Focusing on your feelings, emotions, and energy seems like a burden at times. But doing so will only lead to stronger and more satisfying experiences.

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