I have a confession to make. Despite everything I say and my beliefs towards women and relationships, there is one female that has been a part of my life for a long time. I do love her. And yes, this is a true story.

I found her online and after a few emails I was set to finally meet her in person. When I finally laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight. I did all the talking, but after some playful rubbing she opened up and I took her home.  I am not ashamed to admit that during that first night, I cuddled her like a virgin who just experienced his first girl-induced ejaculate. I even brought her breakfast in bed the next morning, and watched happily as she ate every bite.

Later that day we went for a walk around LA. What would normally be a very boring walk for me now had new meaning. It was a new adventure.  I loved just being around her. She was quite young and energetic and her liveliness rubbed off on me. So much energy; many times I could barely keep up. In the months that followed we spent every single day together. We would eat together. We would exercise together. Those times when I went out without her, I missed her and she missed me. Every reunion — even if it was only after a few hours — was akin to a scene out of the movies.  She would look out the window for me, and when she saw me arrive her eyes would light up and she’d greet me at the door with a huge kiss. It did not take long for me to fall madly in love with her.

She was perfect. My roommates did not mind having her around. My friends all loved her. At first my mother hated her, but with time they grew to love each other. Now every time I go out of town for more than a day she’s visiting my mother. They act as if they are best friends. To be honest she’s the only female my mom’s ever liked. But this is no surprise, almost everyone who meets her likes her. It is hard to dislike her given how great her personality is. Aesthetically, she is perfectly symmetrical with great muscle tone. Nice golden hair, cute nose and a strut to her that told people that she was not only classy but also friendly and a pleasure to be around. People would come up to me and comment on her beauty and I would say thank you, even though I know I had nothing to do with her genetics.


When I go on vacation, she is the only one I miss. I never miss my family or my friends. I never miss the so-called American comforts. And as much fun as I was having going out at nights and experiencing new cultures and new women, I always thought about her the next morning. Maybe it’s because she is the type that has unquestionable devotion to me. If I killed or maimed a person, she would love me the same. If I yelled at her, she would love me the same. She doesn’t care that I write for ROK or judge me for my views. If she gains a few pounds I call her fatty and make it a point to exercise more with her, and she’s absolutely fine with it. There is absolutely nothing I could do that would even slightly decrease her love for me.

And then there is her submissiveness. She listens to every word I say. If I told her not to move from where she was sitting, she would literally stay there until I told her she could move again. I am her world, and nothing will ever change that. No other man could come by and sway her love for me. If she was presented with competition — another vying for my attention — she’d do everything in her power to separate us. A little bitchy, perhaps, but it’s nice to see that she loves me so much she cannot stand the idea of losing me to another, even if for only a few seconds.

The result of her attitude is that I do things for her that I would never do for anyone else. To simplify it, I’m a complete “beta” not only around her but also for her. I look forward to spending time with her. I would never think of replacing her with another. Every single day of my life I’m excited to see her again. I pay for absolutely everything. I provide for her housing, her clothes, her food, her health, and so on. I even pay for her haircuts and nails.  And I have zero hesitation to do so. And despite the fact that I’m a very unemotional guy… if she so much as broke a nail and I saw her in pain, my eyes may water. Often times I sit around thinking about how much better society would be if the women here just portrayed half the qualities my girl does. But it’s never going to happen, it’s an impossibility.

I’d continue writing about how much I love her and how great she is, but she’s sitting right next to me and giving me those eyes. It’s time for us to do our nightly walk. I just need to grab her leash.

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