A few days ago, Captain Capitalism published a link about an Indian feminist who had gotten a guy fired from his job in Austin, Texas over a sign that made a light-hearted joke about domestic violence. I clicked the news link and read it, and noticed that the article mentioned the woman’s name, one Seetha Kulandaisamy, who had been walking down 6th Street (a popular night life area) in Austin when she had noticed the sign outside of Minibar.

Seetha was seething with indignant righteous feminist rage upon seeing the sign. Like any good feminist, she took a picture of it and uploaded it to Facebook and Pinterest and of course it went viral.

DV joke in Austin Texas

After a rabid gang of feminists flooded the Minibar with phone calls and harassment, the bar manager decided to fire the guy who wrote the sign. He then proceeded to write a sign saying “1 dollar towards every beer will be donated to domestic violence victims”. The interesting point here is, notice how the Ds and the Es of both signs are identical. Therefore, it is my assumption that Alex Elmiger, the guy who manages the bar, wrote both signs, and that he simply fired some poor guy and used him as a scapegoat. This is definitely worth investigating.

A few guys on RVF noticed this incident and made a thread about it and were discussing it.  It also was very quickly picked up by people from 4chan. The thread on the /b/ (Random) section on 4chan went viral, and one guy on the thread posted “Hey, I know this girl, she was in my class at UT Austin and I used to have her on my Facebook friends list”. He then proceeded to post her Facebook profile link and she got flooded with troll messages. Then someone tracked down her employer information and posted her office phone number on the /b/ thread, and they proceeded to flood her office with calls. She works as a receptionist, so she was the one answering the phone. The trolls at 4chan were also talking about sending her pizza deliveries, but I do not know if they really went that far or not.


4Chan /b/ thread:

Seetha 4chan thread

It was a lot like the whole Adria Richards situation a few months back, who overheard two guys making a joke about dongles and so she took their photo and got the two guys fired from their job. The people at 4chan picked up this story very quickly and they proceeded to flood her with messages, and a few guys even DDoSed her employer’s website. The next day, the employer wrote that he was firing Adria Richards because how she handled the situation was incredibly inappropriate, causing those two guys to get fired over an innocent joke. Roosh documented all of this in an article he wrote called American Feminist Adria Richards Gets Gang Raped By The Internet.

Adria Richards

Feminists who screw up men’s lives need to be publicly named and shamed.  Any time a feminist or a woman gets a man fired over something stupid, it needs to be documented and published online. The days of women thinking they can do whatever they want and be immune to the consequences are over.


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