It is known that single mothers are a virus which cause many of the societal ills plaguing Western culture. They leech off hard working men with the assistance of the feminist welfare state and still demand more. Without male leadership a boy ‘raised’ by a woman will, as black America predicts, “have high unemployment and incarceration rates. Young boys will be prone to violence, academic reticence, and poor performance in school.” As for girls raised by single mothers they will become emotional, more likely to buy the lie of feminist dogma, and will become a career driven androgynous ball-buster.

Despite the fact that being a parasitic single mother is becoming normalized. Despite the fact that more and more women are “choosing” to become single mothers to boost their narcissistic desires. Despite it all, there is a class of women even more vile and hurtful to both children and society than the single mother: the Fat Single Mother (FSM).


Mental illness is hugely correlated with obesity. Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and in some cases PTSD (from seeing their unfathomable bulk in the mirror every morning) are the main mental illnesses associated with being a fat shit. Along with obesity, being a woman is a predictor of mental illness. The reported rate of mentally ill women in the USA is roughly 23%. Depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic tendencies top that list. Any sane person will have a good idea what that will mean for a helpless and impressionable child.


FSMs, on average, are more narcissistic, solipsistic, and delusional than their thin counterparts. They genuinely do not comprehend that they are at fault for any of their life problems and thus will teach their children this. Leading by example FSMs teach their children to be entitled, lazy, and completely dependent on the others (i.e., the state). However, these narcissistic FSMs will also project their subconscious self-loathing onto their innocent child making them believe they’re shit with no hope in life. If the child is a male he will be scarred by seeing gentleman caller after gentleman caller ravage the holes of his portly mother. The active effects of the FSM riding the cock carousel are that because the FSM has no accountability she will blame many of her problems on the men in her life. In the case of a FSM the only man that sticks around long enough to abuse is her own flesh and blood.


Fat parents have fat children. This is nearly true in all cases. Fat children grow into fat adults and through their life they will face constant discrimination, bullying, self esteem issues, mental health issues, lower life span, and all around a lower quality of life. Children of mentally ill parents suffer abuse through neglect, stunted personal development,  and low self esteem. Through life they show an inability to trust others, depression, fear, low academic achievement, and on and on.

A child cannot consent to being fat.

Children born to FSMs are marginalized from birth and have no hope but to continue the viscous cycle of abuse. Parents are meant to raise children, to mould them into the best human they possibly can, yet FSMs do the exact opposite and from every angle prevent their children from having any semblance of hope in this world. FSMs have the responsibility to become accountable for their actions or the state – instead of funding single mothers – will be forced to remove these children and teach them the fundamentals of being a healthy and happy human being.

fsm 5

Fat single mothers are child abusers and they are as detrimental to a child’s welfare as a two-bit crackwhore.

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