Millennials.  Is there nowhere safe for them?  First, it was the possibility that someone might refer to them by an unpleasantly truthful third person pronoun when they were not present.  Then it was “triggering” their emotions by failing to adequately warn them before a certain topic was discussed so they could mentally prepare for the stress of thought and dialogue.

Jewish homosexual Milo Y making the… White Power symbol?

The latest thing that millennials are freaking out about is the myth that the OK symbol, making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and extending the remaining digits, is a secret symbol of white power and racial hatred.  No, really, they believe this.

Fake image NOT created by the ACLU went viral

While the outrage has certainly been encouraged through trolling, fake tweets and unrecognized sarcasm, such as a forged warning from the ACLU that it’s “Not OK to say OK,” it does beg the question, will Millennials fall for anything?

#Pissforequality was another successful trolling operation

While other trolling actions, such as the #Pissforequality movement, where feminists were tricked into peeing their pants and posting pictures of it on social media to show “equality” somehow, are a bit more entertaining, I am thoroughly enjoying the nonironic triggering of snowflakes over people flashing the OK sign.

Spread this everywhere.

Of course, the OK symbol is essentially a positive sign, meaning everything is good, I am happy, or Yes!

This trolling action, like many others, appears to have originated from the autistic corner of the internet known as 4chan, who created previous hoaxes such as the notion that publicly drinking milk in front of people of color is a racist move to show “the purity of white milk and the superiority of the white race.”  The ADL was so bombarded by triggered snowflakes that it published an article denying that OK means White Power.


Toxic Masculinity, White Power, Dicks Out for Harambe, My Penis Is Erect, Smash Feminists, and There are Only 2 Genders, respectively

The best trolling ideas work when there is some tangential believable connection to them.  For example, Trump’s most often used hand gesture is indeed the OK symbol.  And Trump = everything evil and wrong with the world, so he must be secretly communicating to his racist supporters, right?

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu is a secret Nazi

I approve of these trolling operations, as they reveal the complete absurdity the left has become.  And as a side benefit, they push the Overton Window, the range of ideas that are acceptable for public discourse.

Oprah Winfrey loves her some White Power

As more of these ideas gain traction, membership in groups such as feminists, antifa, and mainstream political parties further dwindles until they are left with nothing but insane extremists.  And their ideas die.

The left resorting to threats of violence against someone making the OK sign

There IS, of course, danger, from the violent and extreme left.  On September 4, 2018, US Atty John Bash tweeted that his half Mexican half Jewish wife was being violently threatened because she flashed the OK symbol, supposedly signaling her support for White Power.  Perhaps it is time for this trolling operation to end, before someone is hurt.

R for Rape Clubs — coming soon!

Generation Snowflake continues to display their absurd stupidity and ignorance.  They stand for nothing, and they fall for anything.  With democracy and an increasingly dumbed down populace, this is a recipe for disaster.  The long term situation in America is not likely to improve, although there is some hope with Generation Z.

In the meantime, anytime you are holding a drink, make sure to flash the Rape Club symbol.  The Rape Clubs are returning soon.  Watch out!

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