But dogs need pet food, right? That’s why it’s called pet food! Well, I’m here to tell you that pet food is a lie. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can feed your dog. So what should you feed him? I’ll tell you. You should feed your dog Barf.

Not that kind.

Barf is an acronym for Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It’s what your pet should be eating. But that’s not what people are feeding pets anymore.  Just like with us humans, real wholesome food has been replaced by bullshit.

If you didn’t already know, the Standard American Diet was based on a flawed and biased study called the Seven Countries Study. It was biased against saturated fat and cholesterol and omitted results that contradicted those biases. That’s why it’s only a seven country study. Human health has been falling in a death spiral ever since.

The pattern repeats in the pet food industry. In the mid-1800s, self-proclaimed pet experts started saying that “civilized” dogs shouldn’t be eating raw meat. Around the same time, a man named James Spratt made the first dog biscuit. He called it the “Patented Meat Fibrine Dog Cake”. He paved the way for many of the pet food brands that you see today. And pet health has been falling ever since.

Of course, the pet food industry says that raw meat is just horrible for pets. Do you think they would say that raw food is better for dogs or cats? No way! They would lose millions of dollars! So, let’s go over a tiny portion of the benefits you can expect.

Better breath

When pets eat BARF, their teeth get cleaner! Dogs and cats were not meant to eat large amounts of carbs. When you do that to them, their mouths start to rot. Just like eating too much candy, pet food causes halitosis, bleeding, pain, broken teeth, and other nasty things. Watch this video.

Look at how much effort it takes this dog to eat his food. That effort is what cleans his teeth. Could you picture a wolf in the wild going to the dentist? Of course not. When we see fossils of carnivores, they have most of their teeth. This is the reason why. If you like kissing your dog, this will make their kisses smell like sunshine. And no, you won’t get some crazy second-hand food poisoning. In fact, dog saliva is antibacterial, so you’ll probably be fine. Just use good food handling habits.

No major health problems


They’re cousins.Diabetes? Gone. Heart disease? Gone. Kidney failure? Gone. Skin problems? Gone. Most of your pet’s health problems will disappear once you go raw.  This is because they’re getting all the nutrients they need, in a form that they can digest. Pet food companies can add what they need, but it’s no good. The natural form is always better.

So, it’s important to not cook the food. Most animals don’t know how to cook. So, they don’t get all the nutrients in cooked food. Simple. I have a family that always suggest that I should cook the food, but why should I? My dog can’t cook! I’ve never seen a dog on Hell’s Kitchen. That’s solid proof. Giving dogs (or cats) cooked food as a treat is okay, but it should not be a major part of a diet.

Lean muscular body

He’ll fight for you.Do you want your pet to be strong? Do you want him to be fast? Be able to protect you? If you want your pet to be as buff and as lean as you (hopefully) are, stop feeding him garbage. Humans don’t get buff with carbs as their main calorie source. Neither do cats or dogs.

When you think of a wolf eating, do you picture him eating a bowl of cereal? Or maybe a bowl of lasagna? No. That wolf is eating a moose. Pet food is the same as a bowl of corn flakes at best. At worse, it’s poison. Some pet food brands don’t even have meat. If they do, it’s most likely the worst quality you can find. Don’t let your pet become obese. Go raw.


I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’m just some guy on the internet. You should do your own research. So, go on YouTube and search for the BARF diet. Check out the work of Dr.Ian Billinghurst. Watch Pet Fooled on Netflix. And check out Dogs Naturally, a website that’s all about raw feeding. These are great sources of info for the beginner. Most people trust whatever the pet food industry says. I certainly did. But if you’re on this site, you know that blind trust is a bad idea. Try it, before your dogs health starts going to the dogs. Your pet and your wallet will thank you.

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