This week I’m going to make a brief departure from my usual format of sharing articles from around the web, and invite you to share with us the things you’ve learned or re-learned in the Manosphere in 2012.

The Manosphere has changed significantly since I started reading back in 2008. There’s been a shift in many game blogs toward more of a lifestyle theme, and I’ve seen several of my favorite bloggers close up shop only to be replaced by some of my new favorite bloggers.

Though I’ve made my transition in and out of the ‘Sphere over the years as both a reader and a guest contributor, and though sometimes the information seems repetitive to the point where I’m a little curious as to why it takes some writers 8,000 words to say “don’t be a wuss,” I still glean information.

I think sometimes we underestimate the need to be reminded of things we already know. Well, at least I’m guilty of that to a certain extent. But now that I’m contributing again, I spend a little more time reading than I normally would, and I’ve learned that being reminded over and over of the same central theme keeps me sharp.

I read a post by Roosh several months ago talking about location and game from a logistical standpoint. I’m moving on January 12th to a newer, nicer place right in the heart of the downtown entertainment district as a direct result of that article. Just by mentioning it around work, I already have two girls who are excited to “know someone in the district” so they can crash after a night of drinking. This is going to get stupid – and I mean that in the best way possible. And no, the extra $350.00 per month is not only so I can get the poosy; it’s closer to work, closer to higher-end organic grocery stores, it has a fantastic gym and a resort-style pool, and there are literally dozens of restaurants and bars within three blocks of my soon-to-be new front door.


NexxtLevelUp had a guest post about online dating. I fired up my long-defunct profile and retooled it. I didn’t copy and paste the writer’s recommended profile, but I made it my own and kept the spirit of the intent. I’m already seeing more activity and interest than I ever have in online dating, and it’s only been a week. No, its not a miracle cure, and no, women aren’t standing in line outside my front door – but it’s a noticeable improvement.

There’s a post on the forum about OKCupid’s “Best face app.” I opened an OKC account just long enough to use the app (it took a few days to get my report) and then I shut it down since I prefer Match. I now know my best pictures and what type of online girl is in to me (late 20’s/early 30’s, liberal, heavily skewed vegetarian for some reason – pretty much the opposite of everything I find attractive in a woman). But at least I know what I’m dealing with. The report showed a photo of the other guys who beat me out of the contest when my photo wasn’t chosen, so I have a good idea what my competition physically looks like.

I chat on the phone or text with Bronan the Barbarian and Nate at least once per week, and they keep me motivated in the fitness arena.

And who could live without this brilliant reminder of what the red pill truly is…

I already knew that living closer to the action would bring me more action. I already knew I needed to refresh my account. I already know that putting down the fork and hitting the gym will keep me in shape.  I know these things, and I’ve known them for years.

But I appreciate the reminder, and I always try to take things personally. The examples listed above are just a few things I took action on recently. There’s several more from earlier in the year, but you get the idea.

What about you? Did you take anything personally this year? Is there anything you can point to from the Manosphere in 2012 that motivated you to action? Was there any new concept that opened your eyes – or an existing concept that you’re glad you were reminded of?

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