If you make the mistake of reading the work of mainstream journalists, you’ll notice that many of them are writing about the sudden and inexplicable rise of bigotry in America in general, and anti-semitism in particular.

Some blame it on the increase of Muslim immigrants to the west, some blame it on the rise of white supremacy and the burgeoning alt-right, but almost everyone agrees it is happening.

Pearls are being clutched left and right

As someone who has a non-hostile view of the Chosen People, and has discussed this issue with said people, I have to recognize there has indeed been a general increase in anti-Jewish feeling. But why is this the case?

Ignoring the delusions of Holocaust deniers and other hysterical idiots who “See Jews in their sandwiches,” we can instead look at what is objectively documented. And considering that we see…

…Jews continuing to hold the most minute of grudges a century after the fact.

…Jews showing a barely veiled contempt for the white American gentiles who have never oppressed them.

…Jews manipulating historiography for their own purposes.

…Jews switching between being white and being non-white when it suits them. (I ought to mention the “white/non-white” switch again, because it happens a lotquite a lot.)

…That Jews are never entirely sure about whether or not they’re a religion or an ethnicity (this last one is actually really important, considering that a lot of the “poz pushers” seem to be non-practicing Jews, rather than religious Jews).

…Jews constantly deny the fact that they are disproportionately represented in banking and the media and the “one percent” on the whole.

…Jews will often push the “white privilege” narrative, but will deny that that same narrative can be applied to Jews.

…Jews are involved with many (not all, but many) examples of “poz” in modern pop culture and freely admit that they’re doing this to stick their thumbs in the face of the gentiles.

…Jews are also disproportionately represented in many of the political/cultural ideologies that we in the reactosphere hate, from neo-conservatism to feminism and all of the other odious facets of the new left (another fact that is often denied).

…Perhaps we can argue that, to at least SOME extent, Jewish behavior causes anti-semitism?

Yeah a little like this (as a side note, it was a little tricky not using anti-Semitic imagery for this article)

Note that this duplicity is mainly in diaspora Jews. Frankly, I much prefer the way they do things in Israel—at least they’re honest about their nationalistic and conquering ways.

Two things to point out here—The first being that I am well aware of the long history of anti-Semitic violence and abuse in Europe. Years of being discriminated against and attacked are likely a cause of the infamous Jewish insularity and distrust/barely veiled hatred of “the goyim”, which has in turn led to even more anti-semitism, and it just continues in a vicious cycle. Both sides have probably been guilty of wrongdoing against each other, to varying degrees. So let us admit to that.

The other thing to point out here is that, contrary to the beliefs of the aforementioned 1488 crowd, the Jewish people are not, in fact, in lockstep in doing “what’s best for the Jews”. To illustrate that, all you have to do is look at the differences between Jews in Israel and Jews in America—it’s like night and day! And to further elucidate, there are many citizens of Israel who are against the militarism of their fellow countrymen.

So, knowing all this, why are things this way, and what is to be done?

Much ink has been spilled in trying to answer why the animosity between Jews and Gentiles still persists, considering the fact that the Gentiles, at least in America have gone well above and beyond in trying to make amends for any past bigotry—and frankly, in the USA at least there wasn’t that much to begin with.

Like I said above, there’s a long history of hatred between the two groups, and such a thing won’t go away overnight—especially when the cultural/political climate of the day actively encourages hatred and contempt for the “evil white man”. And if one can gain an advantage in suddenly becoming non-white, then why wouldn’t they take it? Hell, if white gentiles have stooped so low as to pretend to be some other race for the sake of getting ahead, why would you expect Jews not to?

As for what is to be done? Like I said, there are many Jews that don’t subscribe to the perfidy that has made the group on the whole so disliked—frankly, most of the Jews I’ve known have been good people, far from the duplicitous villains that I referenced previously. Sadly, like seemingly all other identity groups, those chattering people who claim to speak for Jews on the whole are that sort of person.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the Jewish Alternative types to continue to be promoted from their own platforms and spread their message. As I’ve repeatedly said, such efforts to steer a culture’s morality have been done in the past...

And now that the Jews have thoroughly held the ball in their court, let’s look at how the gentiles can carry their end of the bargain!

While I am willing to criticize the actions of many individual Jews, and objectively analyze why those actions may cause some to become anti-semitic, I am not, and will never jump, on the “blame Jews for everything” train. In fact, as the title would imply, I write this article to implore you to stop blaming the Jews for everything. Because sometimes, you yourself are to blame.


“What do you mean?” you might be asking yourself—allow me to explain. In my not-so-humble opinion, the Jewish prevalence in “poz” is not the knife that’s stabbing the virtuous and noble “goyim” to death, but rather it’s the cherry on top of a goyish shit sundae. In other words, if gentiles weren’t such degenerate and corrupted cretins, then even if the Jews were a united front in spreading moral decay and “poz” (and they’re not), it wouldn’t be effective! In other words, the Jews can only push as much “poz” as the gentiles allow them to.

I’m not the only person to point this out, but the Jews are a tiny minority of people in the world. In the United States, the “Zionist Occupied Government” itself—note to critical readers—I’m using the term sarcastically, hence the scare quotes—Jews are only about 3% of the total population.

So why do the other 97% allow the 3% to push them around?

And no, don’t whine about the “Holocaust Industry” being the source of their power—Jews never faced anti-Semitism in the US to a large degree, and even in the 1800s there were Jewish governors and senators and admirals and generals. There were prominent American Jews largely from the inception of the United States, and it’s inane to think there was some sort of shadowy Yiddish cabal planning a political takeover out from the beginning.

In terms of politics, there have been several Jewish political figures that have pushed legislation that has been disastrous for the USA, but there’s always been a gentile right alongside them. To cite two examples, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, and Ted Kennedy signed off on the Hart-Celler Immigration Act—and for that matter let’s not forget Phillip Hart himself, he was no Jew.

Overseas, we can see gentiles and Jews being equally responsible for political malfeasance. Many anti-Semites like to talk about, for example, Lazar Kaganovich and Leon Trotsky being Jewish—and indeed they were. However, Karl Marx was a Jewish apostate who openly renounced the Jewish faith and wrote polemics against it. Lenin wasn’t Jewish (no, Lenin’s maternal grandfather being a Jew who converted to Christianity doesn’t count), Stalin wasn’t Jewish, Mao Zedong wasn’t Jewish, and so forth.

“It’s the media!” many of you are probably saying right now, and this proves my point better than anything else—the gentiles are not innocent victims of “the Jew”, but rather his eager cohort and participant.

Let’s again be honest: Jews are extremely disproportionately represented in the media, and some of those media creations are indeed objectively terrible and morally bankrupt. But guess who’s also eagerly lapping that garbage up? Dumbass goys!

The entertainment industry is an industry, which is to say a business. If it was felt there was a market for upright and decent media, they’d be making it. Do you honestly think Jewish media CEOs are SO dedicated to “corrupting the white man” that they wouldn’t miss out on a money-making opportunity to make highbrow and artistically beautiful works? They’re not stupid; they can see how doltish the modern gentile population is, and they’re targeting their productions to that lowbrow demographic.

You can look at Michael Bay’s entire filmography to see that gentiles can make terrible pop culture in their own right.

But even if everything bad about pop culture came from a Jewish source, I must ask again: why is a tiny minority population in control of a major industry?! Why is the majority allowing a minority to boss them around?

For that matter, what’s stopping goys from making their own movies and music and TV shows? On second thought don’t do that, you’ll probably make Fireproof or Saving Christmas or some other unwatchable garbage.

And now I’m gonna posit the thesis that’s really going to piss people off: When you run around blaming “the Jews” for all your problems, you’re no different than the most delusional of black people blaming “the white man” for all of their problems.

When you accuse the Jews of shutting gentiles out of the upper echelons of society by being clannish and xenophobic, how is that any different from the Rainbow Coalition blaming “white privilege” for why they’re less successful than white people?

When you accuse Jews of magically imposing guilt and degeneracy on an entire population and controlling the world through nebulously defined resources, you’re no different than the “We wuz kangz” crowd talking about how they used to fly pyramids and have psychic powers until the white man “stole” it from them somehow.

You’re not much better, Ace.

When you claim that whites are the master race and yet Jews have utterly cowed and defeated them, you’re again like the “kangz” crowd—and the most insane subset of that crowd, too.

And considering my previously stated views on how the Neo-Nazi retards hijacked the alt-right and ran it into the ground, I’m going to go out on a limb here: In being subversive and manipulative and successfully changing a political movement to serve them, in being clannish to the point of idiocy, in being propagators of “righteous” degeneracy and perversion… neo-Nazis are basically the Jews of white people. Or at least the odious, far-left wing subset Jews of white people.

So ignoring that semi-facetious segue, let’s get serious again: please, stop crying about the big bad Jews holding you down. While I criticized the actions of some individual Jews in my previous article, that was written with the goal of reconciliation, “tough love”, and making peace between Jews and non-Jews.

If you really want to fix the problems you claim exist, the media “poz” being the one that is the closest to actually existing from what I see, then do it positively and constructively. Turn off the TV, stop paying for garbage pop culture, and make your own parallel institutions.

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