Remember when Roosh said on Dr. Oz that we will see the first time in history where the life expectancy will be lower? Well, it just happened. According to Reuters Health, the national average lifespan has decreased in America and other high-income countries. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. and U.K. were at the top of the list.

What is disturbing about the U.S. is that the younger populations (20s-30s) were the concentrated age groups whose life expectancy was lower. Bad lifestyle choices and alike are the usual suspects of this predicament, but the problem seems to go much further.

These deaths may please the eugenicists like The Silicone Men of Silicon Valley, but this is concerning considering the fact that Asians are getting richer while producing at a rapid pace while the West continues to get weaker.

Losing the elderly is one thing, but if the West has no strong youth, then Asia could dominate, and you’ll be living under their communist/dictatorship/totalitarian rule where you’ll have no freedom or rights whatsoever. So what are the reasons for this decline? Well, it seems there are a few…


According to Reuters, substance abuse has been growing and is a big contributor to the decline among the younger generations. This is not a surprise. Just recently a gamer who was on anti-depressant drugs went on a shooting spree. There have been other cases like the Virginia Tech massacre, the “Batman Bomber”, and an eleven-year-old boy grabbing his parent’s gun and shooting up his school.

The drug and psychiatric industry have been pulling in huge profits by getting kids hooked on drugs, but the other problem is the ease of access kids have these days to over the counter medication without needing a prescription. College students are at risk for suicide, and the numbers have reached scary amounts. The stress and pressures of life are making a lot of lost and confused students to drugs which makes them crazier, eventually leading to suicide. Big name universities like Rutgers, have very high student suicide rates, yet it’s all kept hush hush.


FAT people have been sprouting like weeds in America, and that leads to more health problems resulting in shorter longevity. Blame McDonald’s, attack Monsanto, point the finger at high soy and high carbs… it doesn’t matter. Those come into play, but it would not have affected things this much if people weren’t suffering from the next problem.

Lack of Exercise


To some, diet matters little so long as you move your body. Growing up, I’ve seen people, including myself, who ate horrible diets consisting of Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, pizza, fries, and everything else you’re not supposed to eat. However, they exercised – baseball, basketball, football, tennis, etc.

Playing outside kept us skinny despite our diets being a recipe for a heart attack, which would make the doctor gasp. This liberalism pushed on people today, particularly women, is contributing to the problem.

Step climbers, treadmills, and spin classes aren’t going to do jack. Strength training, calisthenics, and sprinting should be advocated instead with recreational activities such as swimming should be promoted. I don’t care if they play ping pong, I don’t care if they play tag, hey, it kept us skinny growing up.

Alas, playing outside has become a thing of the past. I see more elderly folks at tennis courts than I do kids. When I used to go to parks for pull-ups, they were deserted. Orthodox Jewish families, however, were there some days and their women are thin compared to standard Americans.

Junk Food

Too many people are consuming candy, cookies, processed foods, high carbohydrates and sugary foods which are further contributing to the decline in health and longevity. The young that are left are usually feminized and weakened. These foods give people sugar highs like a drug, and contain high fructose corn syrup. That’s why diabetes is one of the major killers in America.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Computer geek

How long do you think this guy would last in a forest?

Trash TV, texting, internet, phone, desk jobs, this has created a nation of fat useless pigs waiting to be slaughtered. New studies are emerging that suggest that remaining in these positions for prolonged periods of time cause health problems because the circulation is cut off to vital organs leading to ailments.

Many Americans suffer from constipation, weak eyesight, and protruding guts, and other modern problems like hunched over shoulders and crunched-over neck.

Until people make changes in their lifestyle, these continued habits will further contribute to the decline of longevity.

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