Men are genetically programmed to be drug addicts.  Women are the drug and the dealers all in one. Men are rigged to obsessively desire sex for a reason—to compel them to seek the holy grail of genetic immortality before all else.  However, nature didn’t account for modern contraceptives. Obviously, many men are happy to “cheat” nature while still enjoying the neurochemical fix, yet most never stop to consider the price they must pay.

There used to be a more reasonable balance of power.  Before the pill and condoms, a woman generally had to put the possibility of pregnancy on the bargaining table when she had sex. Now she still charges a heavy price for sex, making multiple men compete for her, yet no longer puts any sacrifice of her own on the table in return for their frantic ladder climbing and risk-taking.  These men get only the illusion of fulfilling their primal objective while she still gets real status, attention, and resources.

When women give up nothing while gaining much in return, we necessarily see a huge trade imbalance that grows with each lopsided transaction.  To some extent, “feminism” is a manifestation of this great trade imbalance.  A relatively wealthy society that also provides women with the means to extract increasingly more resources ends up with a predictable result.  Whether in the US, Sweden, China, Iran, or even the Roman Empire, we see the same social dynamics begin to emerge when the conditions are right.

A woman who does not need to account for conception has hit the jackpot.  She can keep plying the same trick over and over.  Imagine having a magic dollar bill you can endlessly use in a vending machine. She no longer ends up losing her powers for 9 months at a time and no longer has to devote her energies to raising offspring instead of playing the game.  Above all, that first courtship phase of life that once lasted a few short years now endures for more than a decade.  Not only can she collect tribute from multiple suitors without having to give up her womb to any of them, she has much more time to exploit what once would have been a passing phase.
Those ripe child-bearing hips and expectant breasts remain ever-vestal, a false promise that keeps those hordes of men panting and clambering to have her. She can get endless adulation and unlimited free lunches until aging finally begins to erode her assets.

Is it any wonder now it always seems to be the foolish and homely women who get pregnant in high school and keep having more? Predictably those least able to strategize or with the least leverage to lose are those who cash in early. Is it any wonder that women now lose status when they get pregnant?  They’re surrendering their power by actually delivering the product they advertise!   In one quick glimpse we can see how our mass culture looks down on perpetually pregnant trailer park moms yet worships barren celebrities fighting a futile fight against time.


Unsurprisingly, it’s more likely the good-looking or smart career woman who waits until her 30s before trying to get pregnant. The enormous power she experiences intoxicates her so she waits and waits to cash in her ever-growing pile of chips until she finds herself suddenly on the verge of losing everything.  Like any gambling addict, the greater her winnings the more she’s compelled to keep playing. She simply pursues behavior that got generations of her ancestors knocked up by high status men, yet the same protocol becomes a dysfunctional downward spiral in the presence of birth control.

It makes me very curious about the impact this might have on the gene pool.  I see it favoring outliers in an almost male-like way.  Both women on the lower end of the bell-curve and a few mutants on the opposite end of the bell who are able to think critically about what matters most and avoid falling in with the main herd. By the same token, we can predict that women will be heavily selected for affinity for fundamentalist creeds such as Mormonism, Evangelicism, and Islam that encourage above replacement fertility in stable families.
We could certainly suppose that women who claim to have “no maternal instinct” and prone to being distracted by busywork will become much rarer and that those with the very strongest urges for babies will tend to become Darwinian elites.

Overall, we’ve begun to see atypically intense selective pressure on females.  She’s no longer guaranteed a high chance of passing on her genes in abundance just by being born female and faces an extreme uncertainty of success that only males normally have to live with. Right now, the current generation of American women around age 40 is nearly 20% childless even after having grown up decades closer to more traditional times.  Almost another 20% of them have had just one child as their reproductive years draw to a close.  We can anticipate a large “middle class” of “betas” reproducing at replacement levels.  And at the top, a small minority of biological “alpha” women who are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling the competition.

It begins to look a lot more like the spread among men, where there’s an entire bottom rung of countless millions who have no success at all, countless more eke out just 1 or 2 offspring to precariously replace them, and on the high extreme, rock stars and sheikhs outperforming other men by orders of magnitude.

It makes me wonder if in the long run the trend may be eugenic after all, if those who don’t fit in with the main herd for whatever reason are those who pass on their genes.  It is this same kind of pressure that pushes men to stand out from one another. Ironically, it may be the closest thing to “gender equality” we’ve ever seen as a species as entire segments of the population are weeded out in an extinction event as big as the bloodiest of wars.

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