I started reading this site just over a month ago, and can report the following lifestyle changes.

1. My priorities are clearer

I suddenly feel I have the right to insist on prioritizing my own daily goals, over the goals other people want me to achieve.

2. I Lift To Look Better And Get Stronger

It’s OK to want to learn what my own abs look like. I started Leangains, dropped ten pounds of fat, gained three pounds of muscle. Eating lifting and feeling like a warrior, and I’ve never felt better in my life. Man eats meat.

3. I started learning Krav Maga

Because a man should be able to defend himself and his pride. This seems so obvious to me now, I wish I’d started years ago.

4. Fatherhood now makes sense

It’s clear I must teach my son how to approach the world of women, better equipped than I was. I bought three of Roosh’s books, and my son will receive them as a gift when he comes of age.

5. I understand women better

I understand now why I was never “good” with women, why my older wife chose younger me, why our relationship evolved as it did, and how I can improve my current and future relationships with women by encouraging them to be feminine. Someone has to be the man, it might as well be me.

6. I understand men better

Every man I encounter can, and should, be considered by his beliefs about the sexes and his alpha or beta tendencies. Both frameworks make total sense to me. Once I realize whom I’m talking to, conversations take on a whole new meaning.

7. I’m better with my clients

The illogical and frustrating people I am forced to deal with, are as they are, independent of how I deal with them. That truth frees me to do my job of sharing knowledge and charging appropriately for my time, while concerning myself less with whether or not the student learned what I was trying to teach. It’s no longer part of my job to feel guilty every time a student refuses to learn.


8. When a telemarketer calls, I hang up.

Because I didn’t ask for that. I have the right to control my own time. I used to feel at least a twinge of guilt before hanging up before.

9. I’m downright brutal in conversation now

I don’t have time for your crap. If you don’t have facts to counter my argument, your opinion is irrelevant and the discussion is over.  I’ve noticed others suddenly work extra hard now to please me and garner my praise. Turns out more people respect a man who believes in what he says, and says it with conviction.

10. My relationships are improving

I now focus on setting clear and realistic expectations with others; I reward good behavior and punish bad behavior with my wife, and my son. My employees are much more straightforward. I am not passive agressive, because I have the right to believe, to feel, and to say what I want, and further, to insist on my needs rather than ‘request.’ I’ve begun to value my own contributions to my relationships so much more now, that it only makes sense to expect reciprocity.

Not Just Problems – Return Of Kings Offers Solutions

It doesn’t even matter if you disagree with something you read here, or if every author is correct 100% of the time, or if someone writes just to inflame readers, or what the site creator’s motivations are. That someone created something this beautiful and true, is inspiring.

I’m not going to be a Casanova any time soon, and that’s not my intent – I’ll leave that to my son. Here I find a small army of forward thinking writers whom I enjoy reading.

I will contribute as long as I’m able. And read, and absorb, and join in, and contribute again, and learn with you all, and celebrate men, and the women we love.

Roosh, Uncle, I tip my drink to you.

Dear readers, what about you – do you have any stories of how your life has been changed by this journey?

Yes or no, I hope you will join me in contributing to the vital discussion of what it means to be a man.

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