In the old days when the world was more sane, marriage was between a young fertile woman in her prime and an older man who had an established career. This was sensible because the man provided resources and wealth while the woman was young and strong enough to bear and raise children. Additionally, she was attractive enough for her husband to want to fornicate with her.

Other reasons that were common sense came into play – the girl was young, meaning she was happy and eager to please. This gives joy to an accomplished man, especially after working hard for so many years in the sick cutthroat world of modern “civil”-lization. There was little to no drama between the husband and wife, because the wife was disciplined to know her place and so she knew not to even attempt any shenanigans. Order and respect were given to the father in the household. This method worked, however now in the modern age, people have more options, particularly women. With this, the roles have been reversed.

Old women with sagging skin think they deserve young hunks. Any guy wouldn’t even look at such a rotten thing, but ironically enough, not only are they having intimate relationships with them, they’re freaking marrying them! The roles have been reversed, now older females are bedding young studs, and because these guys lack the ambition to make money compared to their predecessors, they succumb to these old bags.

Erroneous Expectations

Today, more women who are way past their childbearing years expect to get the most virile and best-looking man. I remember seeing one time on Million Dollar Matchmaker a cougar wanted a younger guy. Even after she was set up with a fit and successful older gentlemen, she stormed out crying and complaining that he looked too old.

Recently, I went for a swim at the beach to relax. Everything was going well—there were very few people in the water, low waves, and no annoying lifeguards. Suddenly a 47-year-old real estate agent who’s been trying to get with me ever since I moved to the city appeared. I was happy that I hadn’t seen her all summer, but to my displeasure she arrived. I stayed low in the water so she couldn’t see my physique, and gave short replies to her chit-chat while allowing the waves to suck me in deeper. As the distance between us grew, I felt safer and was happy when she said she had to go meet her sister. Thankfully, she wasn’t in a bikini, but I saw more than I wanted to.

Swimming after that was heaven. I floated while gazing at the blue sky, dove through waves, and enjoyed the sunlit sparkles on the water. There was a family of small brown stingray which made it even more enjoyable. Later on, more people came in and I had been there long enough so I got out of the water. While searching for my towel, to my displeasure she was there again. Thankfully, I saw my stuff was away from her so I quickly turned right and stood back facing while cleaning up. While walking away, my peripheral caught her lying on the sand. I let out a breath of relief and went to pick up my laundry at the condominium.


Folding the clothes was relaxing, but then again, she appeared. She saw me by the laundry exit and again made small talk where I gave a few one-word replies while shielding myself with clothes and the drying machine. She said “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow” on the beach, but I smirked knowing I was leaving that week to see family. By the time I return, she’ll be back at her school day job looking after kids as an unmarried career woman, and hopefully, I’ll never see her again. It’s awkward, it’s annoying, but men have to put up with it in the city because there’s no one to complain to.

Society’s Double Standard

The leader of the MeToo movement had sex with a 17-year-old boy, yet no outrage like there was for Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby gets screwed and yet women get off easy. Nobody brings up the issue that if these girls were forced against their will, why did they willingly go to the homes of these men multiple times even after they were allegedly raped? It just doesn’t make any sense unless you acknowledge that the rules have been rigged against men where weasel lawyers are in the sprint positions ready to pounce on every opportunity they get to sue the life out of a successful wealthy man (e.g. Angelina Jolie who expects Brad to pay).

When a man engages in intimacy with a younger female, he’s a pervert, but when the roles are reversed, then the man or in some cases the boy is blamed for being a horny dog.

It’s Not Working for Women

The reality is that when a man is well-settled, he has a normal natural attraction to the most desirable YOUNG women. There’s nothing wrong with a man for wanting it, he’s smart. That means teens or early twenties. Girls past 25, or even 21 in America and other western nations, are already screwed up.

The guy who goes after the maturer women is usually inexperienced, and looking to get his first time or thrill. Some, however, do it for money, Africa has become popular for that. But in a sane world, older guys marry younger girls as seen in Orthodox Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and other traditional marriages.

Women worked to present themselves as desirable housewives, not business leaders. So from now on, they are responsible for whatever happens to them. If a woman is single past her prime, it’s her fault.

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