The recent takedown of Pax Dickinson and the Adria Richards kerfuffle highlights a new, real, and increasing threat as the latest generation of girls, brainwashed with feminist, leftist, and crusaderist indoctrination, enter the labor force — the snitchy bitch. Thinking they were chartered with some higher calling, these women (and men) go beyond just shutting up and doing their jobs, and carry out a secondary mission by “purging” corporate America and other employers of “evil” and perceived racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, etc. If going on this ego-power trip wasn’t crossing the line, when they delve into people’s personal lives and social media accounts solely to find a comment or a post to get them fired, it doesn’t just become malicious, but psychotic.

The consequence of legions of snitchy-bitches entering the working world is that they take an already inhospitable environment and make it toxic. It wasn’t bad enough with faux sexual harassment suits, forced diversity training, forced sexual harassment training, and HR c*nts making you jump through hoops as they ask for your Facebook password. No, now we need little gestapo agents auditing our conversations and thoughts outside of work. And so, if you thought the cubicle world was intolerable before, just wait as this trend continues.

There are, however, consequences to this. Consequences that are not as dire and severe as you might think and, as a matter of fact, are to the benefit of most men. Most notably, Gresham’s Law. Gresham’s Law states that bad currency drives out good. You see this today where silver coinage is in existence, but not circulation. Since we introduced the nickel/clad  coins circa 1965 people have hoarded the valuable silver coinage while using the worthless coinage for transactions. The same will happen with employees.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but over the course of time men (and women) will wake up and realize today’s modern work environment is simply not worth it. It is toxic, it is inhumane, it is inhospitable and it is getting worse as snitchy-bitches infect it. These good employees will simply leave corporate environments for greener pastures or (worse for corporate America) go minimalist and just not work at all. They will pay off their debts, cut their budget, and once the mortgage is gone, they’re done forever with corporate America. This will leave a labor pool that is increasingly poor, as well as leftist, psychotic, drama-full, incompetent, childish and petty. It will become a nightmare to employ, let alone manage these people, resulting in a downward spiral further driving competent employees away. Consequently, with no good employees left and only whiny leftist girls remaining, profits will suffer (though they will have one mean CSR department and a very small carbon footprint).

While this addresses the costs to companies will pay for hiring leftist ideologues, feminists, and pursuing political instead of financial goals, it does not address what the Pax Dickinsons of the world are to do.

Did not Pax lose his job?


Did not those two IT geeks lose theirs?

Shouldn’t we all be afraid of losing our jobs if we dare speak our minds on the internet and be politically vocal?

To that I say, “What jobs?” and “Good riddance.”

The true benefit to all of this isn’t to see corporate America and employers delve into a stew of simpering, incompetent, HR ditzes, feminists, beta-wage slaves, cannibalizing itself, collapsing inward like a black hole. It’s that the working world has become so politicized and so hostile to males that it is no longer a viable option. It has made your choice simpler by removing itself from the table of options. And thank God for that.

Did any of you like working in corporate America? Did any of you like being cubicle slaves? Did any of you have a shot at rewarding work with adequate pay? While some of you may be lucky enough to answer “yes,” the vast majority of people have to answer “no.”

And this is the key to understanding why the invasion of young, bitchy, power-tripping feminists into the work force and thus the destruction of your current and future career is a good thing:

It was never going to happen anyway.  It was never meant to be.

Understand that there never was going to be a career for you. You were never going to get that promotion. You were never going to make it to executive management. Not because of a lack of trying or skill on your part, but because the FACT is employment has deteriorated to the point where it is no longer a viable vehicle for success for most men.

In other words, the “USS Company Man” is a sinking ship, full of narcissists, sociopaths, feminists, sadists and other psychos. Them pushing you off of it and firing you is a favor because it frees you to find your true calling and an environment you can excel in. What that is, is ultimately up to you and will require some wandering in the desert. But while you’re piecing it together, maybe not buying that brand new car or affording sushi every night, you certainly won’t be like your feminist, snitchy-bitch counterparts buying into propagandist bubbles like

  • Worthless degrees
  • Crippling debt for advanced worthless degrees
  • Never having kids
  • Never getting married
  • Slaving away at a “corporate career”
  • Ruining their lives in the process.

You’ll be out there writing a book, fishing, working less, paying less in taxes, living a better life and enjoying the decline instead.

(If interested my most recent podcast delves into the issue of work, career, employment and the future of men in more detail than above.  It may provide additional guidance or at least some insight for young men trying to navigate today’s economy and working world.  That segment starts around the 50 minute mark, though you may enjoy the whole podcast.)

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