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Dozens of dudes showed up to Union Square for Tinder dates on Sunday — only to learn they were all there to meet the same woman, and she wanted them to battle it out “Hunger Games”-style for her heart.

One Twitter user recounting his version of events says he met a woman named Natasha through the hookup app and she invited him to meet her at the public space to watch her friend DJ — but he arrived to a totally surreal scene.

“I make my way to Union Square. Eat a hot dog and look over by this open lot by 17th Ave and there is a stage and a DJ and about 100 ppl and cameras and sh-t and I think well this is some random ass Manhattan sh-t,” wrote @bvdhai.

“Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and realise it’s her and I’m thinking WHAT THINE F–KETH IS GOING ON,” he continued.

Natasha then took to the mic and told the assembled men that she knows they all came from Tinder.


“Then she says I’ve invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me and proceeds to give a hunger games speech about what its gonna take to date her,” @bvdhai recalled.

“Every man in the crowd looks down and mimes WHAT IN THE NAME OF SCOOBY DOO THE IS THIS S-IT to themself.”

At that point, he says, he left — but others who stayed told Gothamist that Natasha began discarding men and making the rest compete to go on a date with her.

“The gist of it was she wanted to do Live Tinder. Folks were pretty mad,” a guy named Nicholas told the website.

“And she started calling the different characteristics she doesn’t like. ‘If you’re Puerto Rican and support Trump, leave!’ ‘If you have a long beard, leave.’ Then she did a competition.”

“The majority of the group, like 95 percent, were like aaahhh, watching as the f–king idiots fell in line to her demands to do pushups and run … She did a live swipe line, right and left. I left at that point,” he continued.

Video of the spectacle shows at least 10 guys participating in a sprinting competition.

It’s unclear who, if anyone, won the coveted date.

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