One of these Universal Truths is that liberalism is essentially female in nature. The Democratic Party mainly consists of single white women, beta males and people of color (PoC). The largest and arguably most influential group within the Democratic Party is the highly-educated (see: overcredentialed) single white woman (SWW). When it comes to things such as organizing banquets, running fundraisers or compiling the talking points for the party platform — these women are the true beasts of burden. Yes, there are (((others))) who run their own narratives but we are discussing how and why women are willing to do most of the heavy lifting for that agenda.

Liberalism as Constant Drama

Women love drama. They create it and they thrive off of it. Recently a woman at a language exchange social event asked me to start a fight with the host because he forgot to announce last call before closing the bar. She had paid $20 for an open bar but only had the chance to consume three drinks. It didn’t matter that we were surrounded by other open bars. She wanted to see if she could play the game called “Let’s You and Him Fight.”

I declined stating simply, “The Future is Female. I think you could take him yourself. I see women bench pressing 350 pounds at the gym all the time.” The woman playfully punched me in the shoulder and exclaimed, “The Future is Female? That’s such a lie!”

We can adapt this story to the current push to normalize transgenderism. When a neighboring county decided to install transgender bathrooms in their city hall, I e-mailed the council members inquiring as to whether there had even been any requests for a transgender bathroom. The ombudsman of thirty years responded by stating that he had never once been asked about a transgender bathroom.

Watching the local nightly news, I saw the proponents of the unrequested transgender bathroom: fat, ugly, feminist women. These women don’t personally need the transgender bathroom and the few of them that do have children will not send their own children into the new bathroom. They simply needed a reason to foist themselves into the spotlight to receive what women want most… attention. When asked to explain the science behind transgenderism or whether or not there would be a risk to children, these women remained silent.

Liberalism as an Excuse to Spend Money

The rise of Bernie Sanders could also be described as the rise of the “Free Shit Army.” Many Bernie Bros are deeply in debt with worthless liberal arts college degrees that qualify them to wear a green smock at Starbucks. Two thirds of the $1.5 trillion in outstanding student debt loans belongs to women.

Women love to spend money. In fact, if you marry one, you will find out that they will spend 65% of your money whether you stay married or not. So, in this sense, liberalism encourages a “spend today, pay later” attitude which is prevalent among so many women. The “modern” economic system was created by a homosexual who, when asked about national debt, stated, “…in the long run we are all dead.” It’s fitting that a man whose lifestyle will produce no offspring would promote an economic system that would be embraced by the Spinster Generation.


An acquaintance recently asked me what I was looking for in a woman. My response was, “a sugar momma.” Both and men and women find the concept amusing and silly. He can’t possible mean that! Why not? Millions of women are willing to put pimp themselves out on SeekingArrangements.

In any case, I came across a young woman who stated she had quite a few Bitcoin. “Wow, I was just joking but it looks like I did find a rich, reasonably attractive woman,” I thought to myself. On the first date, Nerdy Girl informed me that she had bought close to $100,000 in cryptocurrency at the height of the Bitcoin Bubble and that she was stressed out from checking the price every morning hoping to get even half of that back.

Women are more likely than men to make terrible financial decisions. If a woman can find someone to marry then you can bet that she will transfer $100,000 of student debt to the husband. If that fails, she will vote for Bernie or Hillary and talk about how school ought to have been free for her and everyone else because it’s only fair.

Open Borders Equals Hypergamy

A recently conversation with some German men led me to make the following statement: “The women who were holding signs down at the train stations in 2015 about how refugees were welcome and borders were hateful are simply trying to replace you. Although these women are ugly and fat, they are a clear and present danger to you and your family by pushing African, AKA “New Germans,” into your country.” The men, who had been discussing their plans to expatriate to another country to escape the violence simply nodded and agreed.

It can accurately be stated that the most beautiful women in any country will most likely only speak the language of their parents. The most beautiful Brazilian women only speak Portuguese. The most beautiful Japanese women will only speak Japanese. The exception to this rule would European countries such as Sweden or Germany where fifty years of Americanization means that everyone under 30 speaks English.

That being said, the women of any country that learn English or listen to Anglosphere media are going to be less feminine than their peers. These women will use the knowledge of English to expand their dating potential in the same way that men travel to countries in which they are exotic to the local women. Many of these women, especially in Asia, are completely ignored by the local men.

The problem for all men is that instead of dating a bloke from Nottingham, these women are using liberal agitprop to invite African rocket scientists into Europe. Liberalism encourages Open Borders and fat women who look like Pepsi cans need Open Borders to get attention from anyone.


These are just a few examples of how we can pull back the layers of the onion called liberalism and see the feminine ID at work. Those of us in the Manosphere should take this into consideration and act accordingly.

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