Have you ever thought of today’s leftists as a modern-day freak show? If so, perhaps you’re onto something.

Degeneration theory

During the mid-1800s, concern about degeneration began. Many feared an Idiocracy scenario. Others believed Western civilization might become threatened. Some focused on degenerate individuals. Bénédict Morel speculated that degenerates eventually would become too dysfunctional to procreate. Others were much less optimistic, apparently a well-founded concern. During the mid-1900s, these concepts became taboo.

Cesare Lombroso was a criminologist who noted that offenders tend to have certain primitive characteristics. So this was the beginning of profiling, likewise the “funny looking criminal” stereotype. Of course, having a brutish appearance doesn’t make someone guilty. Rather, the idea is that nonstandard anatomy can coincide with abnormal psychology that encourages antisocial tendencies.

It’s easy to read too much into the concept. Perfectly normal people fuck up sometimes. Likewise, an ugly guy can be righteous and outstanding. Consider all this a matter of statistical correlation, not absolute causation.

Anthropological criminology created mugshots. Featured, Communist Party USA leader Gus Hall. Looks like trouble?

Max Nordau developed this further, though focusing more on mental characteristics. He was a highly influential old-school Zionist. Despite what cynics might say, he was on the right track about some things. For starters, he figured that his fellow Jews needed more sunshine, fresh air, and especially exercise. He helped popularize fitness, disliking the (((wimpy intellectual))) stereotype. Indeed, working out is good for everyone.

Also, Nordau didn’t appreciate degenerate art, which actually wasn’t too bad when he wrote Degeneration. This book contained a psychological profile of degenerates. He called out some contemporary cultural figures and intellectuals. Again, they were small potatoes compared to today’s celebrity horribles, or postmodernist sickos like Lacan, Foucault, and Derrida. Apparently things have deteriorated.

Degenerates need proper guidance and to be kept on a short leash. Like everybody, they’re responsible for their actions and have moral agency to choose between right and wrong. Bad outcomes aren’t inevitable; normal social standards usually restrain deviant tendencies. However, if unbridled degenerates become cultural trendsetters, then degeneracy becomes fashionable. If they become politicians or society’s upper crust, then they start writing the rules to suit themselves. These things accelerate societal decay.

Mattoids and their origin

Lombroso speculated that mattoids are throwbacks with primitive characteristics.

Lombroso’s term “mattoid” basically means half-crazy, describing characters who look like trouble and are prone to criminality. Nordau focused more on misfits and degenerate intellectuals. (Indeed, antisocial behavior is the real problem.) Consider it a category beyond eccentricity.

Do physical and mental oddities coincide? Sometimes they do. Syndromes that cause retardation often have a distinctive look. Lesser abnormalities might also produce certain peculiarities of behavior, appearance, or both. Mutations and chromosomal abnormalities lead to hereditary diseases. Random changes to DNA occasionally advance evolution forward, though usually this causes a biological BSOD.

Was Andrea Dworkin bitten by a radioactive hippopotamus?

The following factors might put populations at elevated risk:

  • Past genetic bottleneck or small number of founders
  • Dysgenic mate selection
  • Present-day inbreeding

In these groups, maladaptive recessive mutations can accumulate, leading to above-average incidence and varieties of hereditary disorders, some affecting the mind. The deranged hillbilly stereotype is a little overdone, but it can happen. This also accounts for some screwballs among hereditary nobility, likewise ill health.

Fetal development problems (such as exposure to toxins or lack of specific nutrients) are another possible factor. However, entirely psychogenic conditions can cause degeneracy. Often this results from dysfunctional childhoods. Again, antisocial behavior is the major concern. Looking weird might be a tip-off, but not always.

Mattoids in society


I’ve noticed that gays tend to have an above-average incidence of nonstandard anatomy. There’s no clear consensus on “queer theory” yet. Some do get turned out by early experiences. However, maybe some others really were born that way.


Also, back when I was dating strippers, one brought me to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Half the White attendees looked rather strange. Could some inborn disinhibition or lack of impulse control make mattoids more inclined to get hooked on dope, part of the criminal tendencies Lombroso discussed? However, the Blacks looked normal. Likely the inner city drug problem unfortunately is worse, ensnaring more average people. At least these recovering addicts realized their mistake and were trying to get better.

Actually, some degenerates are very talented. Nordau explained this essentially as an idiot savant effect. They might even become brilliant, if their skills are channeled in the right direction. If not, things like degenerate art and screwy philosophy will result. Hollyweird even has a few with striking features (unusual appearance doesn’t always look bad), odd personal histories, and peculiar parenting styles.

Some high-functioning mattoids even flourish in universities, lately an asylum for kooky professors and grad students in unproductive soft studies departments. It’s particularly troublesome when they’ve been educated beyond their ability to understand, but overestimate their intellect. Many degenerate trends and ideologies have thrived and even originated in academia.

Mattoid radicals

In formal rhetoric, ideas should be evaluated on their own terms, independent of whoever articulated them. However, personal perspectives can shape viewpoints, also a hot topic in literary analysis. Leftists often bring personal stuff into political discussions—“You only believe that because you’re a straight White male” and all that. So, turnabout is fair play.

There are oddballs in any “fringe” pursuit, including unconventional politics. Rightists should screen out anyone with signs of instability, shady personal backgrounds, incorrect motives, hobbyism, etc. These troublemakers aren’t really in it for the ideology, so they often betray their friends. Also, they create drama and controversy. Fortunately, degenerates are usually disinterested in efforts to sustain or reinvigorate society.

Leftist causes are naturally a better fit for mattoids. Leftists are special and don’t have to worry about their public image, which their media cronies always airbrush. As Nordau indicated, degenerates are naturally malcontented. Thus, their sympathies don’t align with normal society. They’re more likely to identify (at least for rhetorical purposes) with others they consider downtrodden. That’s why screwy SJWs find cultural Marxism’s privilege rhetoric, radical egalitarianism, and Victim Olympics so appealing.

It’s not difficult to guess their ideology.

For leftists, fanatics and mental cases make for great useful idiots, agitators, and bomb-chuckers. However, they even can rise to the top. Kerry Bolton provided some interesting new perspectives. He identified several textbook degenerates like Marquis de Sade, Jean-Paul Marat, Karl Marx, and Leon Trotsky. I’ll add that St. Che fits that profile too.

He also had some interesting observations about Comrade Lenin. Soviets eager to pronounce him a hereditary genius commissioned an independent physician to study his brain. Embarrassingly, it turned out that the USSR’s founder was rather “special”. If that wasn’t bad enough, he suffered from late-stage neurosyphilis.

Bolton also mentions Theodor Adorno’s “F-scale”, which this Frankfurt School figure presented as a scientific psychometric test. It’s essentially like an online quiz about “How Fascist are you?” It presented rightist values as abnormal, and leftist values as healthy. (Ain’t that cute?) Actually, that’s the overall theme of The Authoritarian Personality, which speaks volumes about Adorno himself.

Today, most leftists actually started out as decent, normal people. Then toxic influences turned them freakish and made them hate their own society. Most opinion-forming institutions (particularly the media and the educational system) were converged long ago. They aggressively indoctrinate the public, and their increasing degree of degeneracy is infecting society with these mind-viruses. That’s why freaks shouldn’t be allowed in positions of authority and influence.

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