Ever since the “Locker room talk” incident involving president Trump and Billy Bush, it seems he hasn’t received as much support as he normally would have from his wife. It’s as almost as if Melania is using some form of passive aggression to get back at him, especially after the accusations of Trump having an affair with a dirt bag prostitute.

Over the past year, incidences such as slapping Trump’s hand away have raised suspicion as to what is really going on between them, but from her behavior it just seems to be due to anger. However, it appears to be expressed tactfully in subtle ways only a smart woman would do and this is hurting Trump’s position as president giving his enemies more fuel to fire more attacks.

Praise was given to Melania by Republicans, making her look like the perfect conservative housewife, but with the latest incident involving the feud between LeBron James and the president, Melania is revealing more of her true colors, and oddly enough, her actions do not appear to be inline with the president but rather against him.

LeBron attacks Trump

The ‘dumbest man in television, Don Lemon’, interviewed the dumbest man in sports, LeBron James. They laughed saying Trump is dividing people and LeBron referred to him as a “Bum”, and that he wouldn’t sit across from him in a room. He promoted his “I Promise” school and at a follow up interview, expressing no remorse for his name calling.

Instead of standing by her husband and defending him, Melania praised LeBron, taking the side of the enemy.

On Saturday afternoon, Melania Trump also issued a surprising, positive statement about James, but did not reference her husband.

“It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today,” a statement provided by her spokeswoman said. “As you know, Mrs. Trump has traveled the country and world talking to children about their well-being, healthy living, and the importance of responsible online behavior with her Be Best initiative. Her platform centers around visiting organizations, hospitals and schools, and she would be open to visiting the I Promise School in Akron.”

CON-servatives and Republicans were praising her for being the perfect elegant wife as though she has always been the conservative obedient spouse so this is a big slap on their faces.


When women gain power

I remember watching one of the presidential debates while Donald was still running, and the cameras were recording him getting out of his limo in the parking garage and then proceeding to walk into the building for the debate. What stuck in my memory is how he was walking. He had the billionaire’s walk – chest out, head held high, chin up with a little smirk like he didn’t give a dame.

Trump slowly made his way inside swinging his arms like he owned the place. He looked like he was a single man with no care in the world. What happened next made me laugh – after Trump entered in followed by security and other suits, then after a good gap of time came Melania scampering behind like a mouse. She hurriedly followed after Trump, and her head was held down. That was when Donald was in full power, at least more than he is today.

However, ever since the vicious assaults from the media, he started walking side by side Melania with arms locked. That’s when it all went downhill. Shortly after, you saw other small things like slapping his hand away and the almost cold shouldering by her.

Melania now walks with her head held high and said in an interview that they disagree on things but in the end Trump does what he wants. What she doesn’t understand as the First Lady, is that it is her job to support her husband, not showing the world that she has a different opinion.

Melania is out of line

Siding with LeBron was a very foolish move by her. One can only wonder why. Based on her background, she can’t be stupid; it’s likely something else. Now, all of a sudden her parents become US citizens and their lawyer is attacking Trump. Something doesn’t smell right. This is what happens when women become Americanized and given more attention than they deserve. Melania thinks she is independent and self-made… from what, posing naked for millions of men? Without her husband, she’s nothing. Nobody would care about who she is.

Most men fall prey to the charms and beauty of Eastern European women, but experienced and seasoned men are well aware of their manipulative and diabolical nature. Let this be a lesson for those who blindly believe that Eastern European women are obedient slaves who just want to serve your every command. And also the dangers of giving women too much power and control. Look what equality is doing to Trump’s marriage. Women by nature, are all the same, they just have different tactics for getting what they want.

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