The rapid rise of extreme feminism can be observed in many countries—most visibly in the UK/Australia and the US. But why is it that women have turned to hate against men? Why does it happen and why does it happen now?

Can the source of hate against men be traced down to one single cause—the failure of higher education in the 21st century? I believe it can.

1. The ever-rising cost of tuition

According to numbers from, the tuition per semester at a private college has more than doubled to about $35,000 compared to $15,000 from about 25 years ago. Tuition at public colleges has gone up almost threefold.

It is hard to see why the cost of tuition has risen so quickly as teaching and research hasn’t gotten much more expensive (adjusted for inflation and GDP growth).

2. The rise of the ‘soft degrees’

The proportion of liberal arts degrees compared to STEM has changed quite rapidly. While the investment in a STEM or law degree may still pay off in the marketplace a liberal arts degree is much less of a jumping board into a $150,00 full-time job.

3. The student loan dilemma


Colleges would have never been able to have their tuition rise so much if students would have to pay cash for tuition. Some parents may pay for their kids college but the ability to borrow almost 100% of your education creates a ‘candy for all’ marketplace. Remember that you can’t simply declare bankruptcy on student loans but have to prove ‘undue hardship,’ a much harder thing to prove.

The student loan market looks much like the mortgage market a few years ago. An originally sound marketplace was extended to anyone who wanted a loan.

4. Professors being disintermediated by the Internet

It is rare to find a subject of higher education where you can’t find all lectures readily available on the Internet for free. The MIT started it, but almost every discipline eventually followed. Clearly it is a wonderful tool to build name recognition for professors and a way for students to shop for the best education. But guess what, you don’t need most professors anymore (in their teaching role).

It’s now enough to have a few of them worldwide put up the best lectures on Youtube. You watch them online instead of going to a lecture in person and voila—you (at least theoretically) have the same education. Most modern day, real-life professors aren’t very useful beyond being a ‘dating supervisor’ for their students.

It’s no secret that the lifespan of the classic university is coming to an end. Most students already realize that—it will just take a while until parents have come to the same understanding.


5. Colleges turning far left

What do professionals do if an industry is visibly dying? They leave the sinking ship or turn hard left since no normal investor would touch most private or public universities that are not ivy-league or cheaply run online outfits anymore.

The amount of conservative professors in the US colleges in under 10% (likely even less). And even these few Republicans are stifled by a climate of political correctness and hardline Marxism in the faculties.

6. Low starting salaries after graduation

What goes around, comes around

After graduation the opportunities that unfold for many students often are much more bleak than it seemed before. Students generally have to accept a much lower entry salary unless they attended an Ivy League school. Blame it on the patriarchy, but liberal arts degrees barely make you any (extra) money.

7. Introduction of second income streams

Every girl at the age of 16 realizes she can attract plenty of attention just by manipulating the male sex drive. Most girls need a few years of experience to master the techniques but by the age of 23 they usually know how to ‘monetize’ their beauty.

If you owe $300,000 from your liberal arts college and are barely able to stay afloat with your daily expense, you WILL look for a new income stream.

If you are a girl there are a number of places to look:

  • go on Seeking Arrangement and look for older guys interested in ‘sponsoring’ you
  • go on Tinder and put up a ‘donation’ requirement

This is a capitalist society—girls have figured out that they can ‘charge for sex’ without being a prostitute. I have been on many dates with girls who graduated a few years ago and student loans come up in every single date. It is on everyone’s’ agenda, all the time.

I also had plenty of Tinder dates where girls ask me outright for:

  • paying their rent
  • a monthly allowance ($500 – $1,000 is usually enough)
  • pay for their travel plans

I never went for it but I’m sure some men consider these deals carefully.

8. The rise of extreme feminism and social justice

The current Marxist ideology pushed by so many feminists is ideal—it allows you to portray men as oppressors and the obvious enemy you can treat with cruelty, without a moral consciousness. As a girl you contribute to stop the  “oppressive patriarchy” by manipulating men into paying up for sex.

Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

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