They say the truth can be a hard pill to swallow; the red pill being a markedly unpleasant one for most.  Since the inception of the manosphere and red-pill-awareness, droves of men have come to realize the true essence of women: they are manipulative, inconsistent, emotional, fickle, hypergamous, and covet attention.  Since the dawn of time, women have demonstrated these qualities.

There is a belief among men that women of past generations were moralistic sweet little angels before the advent of feminism. While cultural, ideological, and technological changes in society have unquestionably exacerbated these deep seated character flaws, these frailties have always been there and always will be there.   Wise men throughout history were cognizant of this.  One only has to pick up the Bible and read the opening few pages to see this.

Eve, the first supposed female on earth, was deceived into eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge by the serpent, despite being warned by God not to.  You can derogate the validity of the bible as a historical document, but you cannot deny the durability and utility of a lot of its wisdom.

This is one of a few worrying misconceptions I have noticed of late.  Below are a few more beliefs that need a little debunking, which are often shared by men who don’t actively apply manosphere and game teachings.

1. False Poosy Paradises

Is it really worth leaving my cushy life and native country for this?

There is a large contingent of men that believe moving to more traditional thinking destinations, like Eastern Europe or Asian will solve all their issues.  While I agree that many of these places offer bigger pools of women to choose from that have not been exposed as severely to modern degenerate ideals.  This does not mean these women are incorruptible or immune to the harmful effects of postmodernist indoctrination. Sorry to tell you this, but even those presupposed paradisaical countries for men will eventually become just like their western counterparts.

Plus, many of those countries are poverty stricken shit-holes:  also, it might just be my own personal preference, but the vast majority of Asian women are aesthetically unpleasing.  When I went to Thailand last year to see what all the fuss was about, it left a lot to be desired.  Most of the nightclubs were littered with prostitutes.  Being an outsider and coupled with the fact that I don’t know the language finding a chaste and conservative local dream girl seems unfeasible.

Lastly, while I commend anyone who musters up the courage to leave their native country in the hopes of discovering a better quality-of-life or better dating prospects, you shouldn’t kid yourself.  If you had meager success with women from your own country, chances are you’re gonna struggle wherever you go unless you improve your attractiveness/game.

2. The “Chad”

You really gonna let this chump keep you out of the game?

You gonna let this chump keep you out of the game?

A disturbing trend I have noticed of late, is the notion that game is futile unless you are a “Chad”.


While winning the genetic lottery undeniably has it’s advantages, the “Chad” theory is just a convenient excuse that was created by weak men with victim mentalities as a means to justify their poor results with women.  I have a friend who fits the “Chad” archetype.  Although he gets more ogling stares than I do when we go out, I routinely outclass him because he does not have swagger.

He is so reliant on his attractiveness that he resorts to wallflower game.  This results in him either going home dick-in-hand, or having to settle with orcs.  He is too prideful to approach and loves to denounce game.  Even though he is attractive, the only girls that are shameless enough to directly approach a man in a a club are fives and below (possibly not for long though; male-thirst, particularly from online, makes even these grotesque looking women choosy).

Being dealt a good hand can come with a cost.  Due to things coming easy I have noticed many of these rare individuals are impaired on many fronts.  These types of men can be eclipsed by the more industrious and dynamic types.  Don’t let this silly misconception deter you from pursuing women.  Improve your physique, find your optimal style, enhance your social status, always keep improving your game, and get your money right.

3. The Confidence Lie

An amusing doctrine that is sold to naive men is that having confidence is the key to getting laid or succeeding at anything you do in life for that matter.  If you have not done something how can you have confidence?  That is like me saying, “I am confident I can operate a plane despite never having piloted one.”  Real confidence is hard to feign. “Fake it till you make it” will only get you so far. Too much false confidence is masked low self-confidence, which is easily picked up on by others.

Instead of faking confidence, put forth your energy into developing authentic confidence.  Derive real confidence by learning a valuable skill or offer some kind of utility that sets you apart from the next person.

Sorry, but nothing worth having comes easy. The only way you’re going to ooze that sexy confidence that gets the ladies wet is from years of pounding the pavement.  Next time someone tells you, “if you would have just been a little bit more confident you could have got that girl” you have my permission to slap that person upside the head.


While there are many other false opinions worth addressing, I chose these three because I believe them to be the most harmful and detrimental to men.  Many of these beliefs,  like “false poosy paradises” promote this idea that you can skip having to learn game or work on self-improvement if you just move to one of these special male friendly destinations.

And this new obsession with the “Chad” is not only faggy, but it is also quite pitiful.  It is a concept that has merit, but for whatever reason is being used as an excuse for men who don’t want to acknowledge, the reason they are striking out is because women don’t find them attractive.  Not because some coalition of Chads’ are raiding and pillaging the nation of all the attractive women; “Vikings Style”.

Instead of trying to find shortcuts or finding more things you can blame your lack of success with women on put the emphasis on becoming your best self first; by doing that everything else should fall into place.

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