The traditional sexual marketplace transaction is that men trade resources with women for companionship. There always have been ways to circumvent the system. However, modern technology has created a vast new landscape in cyberspace to profit from their bodies.

1. Vlogger

If you send them donations, why not also send donations to guys too?

Today, some make a full-time living by producing videos on a wide range of subjects. Income is derived by donations and monetized revenue from the shows. This is a limited niche, of course. There’s a great deal of public attention out there, but even this is a finite resource. It takes quite a bit of it to be able to support oneself this way. Naturally, being cute helps to attract viewers. It’s basically a “something for nothing” proposition, though the least personally damaging of these new hustles.

Fairly recently, this has generated political controversy. (Do guys like Stefan Molyneux gets extra views and contributions based on their looks?) I’d prefer not getting into the tradthot debate, but this is the basic idea. Some female vloggers are making a living mainly because they’re cute, not from the ideas which they discuss but usually didn’t originate and sometimes don’t exemplify personally. Basically, they’re much like regular celebrities, though with better political messages.

2. Instagrammer

Aww, how romantic!

A reasonably cute babe can post a goofy duckface picture on social media and get dozens of “likes” from guys who barely know her but wish they did. Some of them turn it into a profession. The revenue keeps instagrammers stocked with lots of designer goodies and allows them to travel the world.

The money comes from “sponsors”. Their johns are often Arab oil barons, and they’re into pretty extreme stuff. They typically tag-team the instagrammers, and sometimes poop on these “Dubai Porta-Potties”. Tag The Sponsor revealed how this works.

Making a lewd proposition up front is pretty bad game, but trying to sweeten the deal by offering money is even more likely to get someone slapped. However, everything is different for Instagrammers. Without the slightest hesitation, they negotieate deals to rent themselves out as cum dumpsters to Arabs with too much money. That’ll give you something to think about next time you fill your gas tank.

3. Cam Girl

Not pictured – a dildo collection, and a bottle of pain reliever for carpal tunnel syndrome

For some, flicking the bean or playing with dildos isn’t just scratching an itch; it’s a “job”. This is similar to old-fashioned peep shows, but the Internet gives “live video models” a worldwide audience. They masturbate on livestream, and their fans pay them while they’re masturbating too. What a deal!

Seriously, why pay to whack off?

4. Sugar Baby

Courtesans have been around for ages. Now there are websites to facilitate this, allowing the “sugar babies” to maximize opportunities far and wide like women already do with online dating. (If only DARPA had known the interesting ways their civil defense communications network would be used!) The sugar daddies should find a real girlfriend instead of these greedy gold diggers.

5. Stripper


These gals dance on stage while the guys behind the “pervert rail” shower them with money. Further, they perform lap dances. However, the big money happens in the back room from “extras” delivered away from the eyes of any vice cops. The following quote says everything you need to know.


I’ve worked in bikini, topless, and currently nude. In my opinion it’s all basically the same. I say that because the goal is the same… aka hustle the men for as much as you can. This is especially true because no matter what your wearing the goal is to get them in a VIP room.

Proceeds are split 50/50 with management, sometimes linked with organized crime. The stripper’s half usually goes straight up her nose.

6. Porn star

This is what bad parenting does.

The difference between porn stars and hookers is only a technicality. According to American law:

  • Banging for bucks is illegal except for regulated brothels in rural Nevada.
  • Banging for bucks on camera is perfectly legal.

A court decision long ago ruled that when a camera is rolling in the room, then having sex for money is only acting. Huge difference, right? Naturally, this helped enable porn to go mainstream. It’s great money, but drug abuse and STD scares are common.

7. Prostitute

Prostitution in Amsterdam

Prostitution in Amsterdam

At the very end of the continuum are hookers who don’t pretend they’re not hookers. The “oldest profession” now has websites too; one no longer needs to find them in a bad neighborhood. Some do argue that any transactional exchange of resources for companionship is itself prostitution. However, there are some key differences. For one thing, traditional relationships can lead to love and family, while the likely result of sleeping with hookers is catching herpes.

Most outright hookers have two things in common. First, they come from highly dysfunctional backgrounds. Second, they’re addicted to hard drugs, usually crack. Smoking Satan’s boogers is one of the most corrosive things there is to the human soul, even worse than banging strangers for money. In times past, prostitution resulted from extreme poverty; now it’s for dope.

What kind of women sell their bodies?

Is the deal ioo good to be true?

I’ve dated three especially entrepreneurial sorts, not as a customer, though admittedly my wisdom was questionable. I’ve known several others socially. They can be personally charming, though they’re pretty flaky and have chaotic personal lives. Some say they’re lazy and greedy, and I can’t argue with that.

The money can well exceed that of a normal job, and the social penalty for selling one’s body isn’t what it used to be. The temptation is understandable, but it’s still a bad decision. One of my friends insisted that she had no well-paying alternatives to being a porn star. All I can say is that careers aren’t built overnight, and her drug habit wasn’t helping her finances.

Actions have consequences

Exit strategy? What’s that?

Obviously, the long-term viability is pretty limited. These hustles are dependent on looks, so after hitting The Wall, the party’s over. Then they’ll have to find real jobs. On the cusp of middle age, they’ll enter the workforce without experience or real employment history.

Can they become housewives? Presently, there’s no shortage of guys willing to close the deal on heavily shopworn merchandise. However, a woman who wasted her early life doing this must choose someone who isn’t too picky because he has few options himself. She might even have to settle for a guy who is neither rich nor handsome—horrors! Further, time is running out to have children.

Also, how many of them have great financial expertise? Quite often, they blow much of their money on dope. They might’ve gone into these “professions” because they were desperate for cash, and they’ll leave them just as broke. Further, they generally won’t have Social Security credits, 401K savings, IRAs, or stock portfolios. That means eventually they get the bargain basement nursing home, perhaps with nobody visiting them.

Other than that, pursuing prostitution (“soft” or otherwise) causes grief and psychological damage. Exploiting the sexual marketplace like this is no different from any other “get rich quick” scam. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. In a healthy society, most would’ve made better choices. If they didn’t make these mistakes, they could’ve been great girlfriends, wives, mothers, or even merely productive workers.

Men can stop this by not paying for it. Don’t support degeneracy.

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