Family values are the one thing that remain constant in life. However, in modern times the average person feels as though they should leave home by the time they’re 18. Living at home is often looked down upon by Westerners, especially by thots, career bros, and Boomer dads who tend to look down on you if you aren’t slaving away for a mortgage on a condo by the time you’re 25.

Don’t you find it odd that for anywhere other than America, living at home until you’re 30 is actually the norm? If you think that living at home is weird, you’ve been sold a lie. Fortunately for those of us in the know, living at home is not such a raw deal. In Europe the average age of leaving home is 26:

The following are three reasons you should refuse to leave home (and learn to tame your parents) until you’ve at least hit 30.

1. You Will Get Laid More

What do the top five countries in the list above have in common? Clearly, the Mediterranean Gods and Goddesses who hail from these locales have the best sex in the world.

It appears that there is a strong relationship between living at home in your 20s and having lots of good sex. According to a 2009 global survey of sexual behaviors, the average Greek is extremely sexually satisfied, having sex 164 times per year, while experimenting with at least six different sexual positions in the bedroom. The Poles, the Italians and the Spanish lag not far behind.

In Europe, unlike the West, your sexual marketplace value is not determined by whether you live at home or on your own. Imagine not having to host lewd parties and do drugs in order to be valued by your peers, and to be found attractive by most women.

I can personally vouch for this. For the past year, I’ve been living at home with my parents. Before that I was living in in a large metropolitan city in Central Europe. I am currently having better sex living at home than while I was while living alone abroad. Part of the reason for this is that I can’t take girls back home. I don’t want to tell them that I live at home, so I come off as mysterious.

At some point after the second or third bang, they typically ask me what I do and where I live. I just tell them that “I import and export exotic animals.” They laugh, then I change the subject. When it comes to short-term romance, girls don’t actually care what you do, how much you make, or whether you live on your own. They only care that you own your life choices, and that you are confident. You can always bang at their place. Besides, the impossibility of a long-term relationship means that you are forced to stay on top of your game if you want to regularly meet new women.

2. You Will Become Financially Independent

One of the best things about living at home is saving money. Unless your parents are stingy Anglos, you aren’t paying for rent, food, or utilities such as internet and hot water. This means more money for your financial investments, your nascent internet businesses, and the rest of your personal expenses.

By comparison, most people spend one-third to one-half of their income on rent, groceries, and their heating bill. Despite the fact I know how privileged I am, I do still understand that it really sucks not to have a family that actually loves you. Trust me, if living at home until you are 30 is not an option, your family doesn’t actually love you as much as they love themselves.


I am 27 years old and have been living at home for the past 10 months. In that time I have managed to save quite a bit of money securing independent contracts for web and app development work. I spent nearly every day of the past 6 months cold-calling business owners over LinkedIn, Upwork and Freelancer.

With the profits I’ve acquired fulfilling independent projects (along with a hefty dose of family debt financing), I was able to bring in 1,000 liters of olive oil from my family farm in Croatia. I am now starting an olive oil import and export business with a friend that will earn us a considerable income quite quickly. I will never need to have a full time job ever again, allowing me to focus on even larger ventures. This is only the beginning.

3. The Bond You Share With Your Family Will Grow Stronger Than Ever Before

As a practicing Catholic, my Church, family, and community are very important to me. Even though I am a regular sinner, and go to Church every Sunday, it took quite some time for me to come around to the idea that attending mass was actually a worthwhile investment.

The droll and drudgery of the weekly liturgy, especially on mornings where I would rather be nursing my hangover instead, was far too much for me to handle in my youth. Today, however, it is both a blessing and something of a requirement for maintaining my sanity throughout the week. Without influence from those closest to me, I don’t believe I would be attending Church as often as I do now.

Every morning, I wake up and do the sign of the cross, then pray the Apostle’s Creed. I perform three “Hail Mary’s” for hope, faith, and charity, then finish with one “Glory Be.” While I am no Saint, my life has never been more centered, and my family has never appreciated my presence as much as they do now.

I credit the vast majority of my recent growth in personal decency to God, of course, but otherwise living at home has been my saving grace. After a decade of unavoidable debauchery and bad influences in Western social climes, including high school and college, I have come to realize that society’s hedonic treadmill, that vile social force which venerates loveless sex and hip hop, is a worthless investment of mental energy. I am now more at home with myself than I have ever been.

So it stands to reason. Are NEETs actually killing the game? They have more passionate sex, they save more money, and have better family relations than most; in the long run, they have brighter futures. Given that you never chose to be born, you should seriously consider the notion that living at home until you are 30 is your birthright, and that it is your parent’s privilege to invest in your well-being. At the end of day, all you have is your legacy. For most middle-income people, there is no legacy beyond their kids.

So make sure you remind your parents that you are the most important thing in their life, especially if they step out of line and decide that they would rather buy dirt-bikes and careen over sand dunes in the Oregon Park National Recreation Area in favor of sending you to private school.

At the end of the day, the fun you have in yours 20s doesn’t really matter, but your 30s are your Golden Years. You have to be prepared if you don’t want to waste them because after that there’s no starting over. Living at home is a Godsend that allows you to prepare for the future without the distraction of nappy-headed hoes and utility bills eating away at your valuable creative capital. When you are financially secure enough to provide for children of your own, your parents will ultimately thank you for the tenacity and stoicism you exhibited in your 20s.

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