Weight lifting should be a cornerstone activity in every man’s life. A lot arguments can be made for this.

It builds strength and muscle – among many other health benefits.

But is getting women one of them?



Women don’t want monsters.

20 inch arms and shoulders too big to get through the doorway? No thanks.

Yes, the same way we are attracted to fit women – girls are attracted to fit men.

So yes – if you’re fat lose weight. Fat is never sexy. And if you’re rail thin – then bulk the fuck up, son. Girls aren’t looking to molest little boys.

But aside from female bodybuilders – who exist in a culture where steroid level physiques are the goal – woman don’t want more than knowing that you’re strong. That you can protect them. So if you aren’t a fatty – or look like an African Charity model – don’t kill yourself in the gym for some snatch. Spend your time actually talking to women.

But Wait


From the above passage you might assume I disapprove of dedicating yourself to the gym.

That couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Lifting weights might not get you in bed with a fly bitch – but it will develop certain characteristics that will help you get there.


Following a consistent workout regimen is an absolute must. It trains you to take the same approach in other areas of your life. At the most basic level it forces action. You won’t grow if you don’t put your time in at the gym. The same way you won’t turn into a Casanova if you don’t talk to women.

Moreover, the fact that any good program should incorporate constantly trying to outdo your previous best and push you beyond your comfort zone is essential. Self-development in any hobby or discipline follows the same progression. But lifting weights forces you to acknowledge your current skill level. If you can only squat 150 lbs and you try to squat 200 lbs you will fail. And you will know it – getting stuck on your ass or worse (an injury) is obvious.

In other areas – like game – you can lie to yourself and feign supreme skill – ignoring the basics. Weight lifting forces you to build from the ground up. And it teaches you that doing so equals sustained progress in the long term.

Does Building Muscle Get You Women?

No. It doesn’t.

But it does encourages it.

It will assist in your personal development and more importantly – your personal development skills.

So man up, hit the weights, and get stronger. By the same token – hit the streets and bars, and get better with women.

You can’t read or think your way into growing biceps and you can’t read or think women into your bed.

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