Peter Schiff, a prominent libertarian-minded economist, and ever the government watchdog, has brought to our attention that Obamacare discriminates against men. Namely, there is no more price difference between men and women under Obamacare; previously insurance companies would charge more for women and less for men. Insurance companies normally would charge women more since they used healthcare much more than men do, as women are weaker, generally more sickly, and also have that tendency to get pregnant, but now men are going to subsidize a woman’s life even more, in additional to all the usual benefits women get in virtue of their sex.


Schiff points out that men already die sooner than women and pay more for life insurance; men get into more accidents and pay more for auto insurance; men already pay more in terms of time and money during the courtship process as well. Health insurance was their only break, but now they do not even get that.

I would recommend watching the entire video above. It’s only 10 minutes long and Schiff does a great job of laying out why Obamacare is a raw deal for men.

And for the “men” who voted for Obamacare – what were you thinking, voting for a male feminist?

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