Women have been the gatekeepers of sex and relationships since the dawn of recorded history, and for that matter, probably all of history in general. Any caveman or Mammoth hunter who was considered “creepy” or “awkward” by the standards of 12,000 B.C. would have been sidelined from intimacy with the female gender just as much as they are today.

Instead, Chad “Bam Bam” Thundercock would have always been the caveman with the most notches during this bygone era. Both in the context of the number of cave ladies he slept with, and with the number of actual notches on his club. All of them brought about through incidents of violence with wild game, or with other cavemen who had crossed him or intruded upon his semi-subterranean harem.

Thankfully, Chad Thundercock isn’t quite as medieval in dishing out this kind of retribution anymore. In fact, he is probably “thanking” a lot of beta bux for letting him sleep with their wives or girlfriends as part of the emerging cuckoldry craze, and genuinely laughing at their sorry asses behind their backs.


It is this kind of mainstream media endorsed cuckoldry, the overly left-leaning female vote, ‘hire-females-first’ employment practices, and other offshoots of third wave feminism, which have given women tremendous economic and social power over all the frustrated beta males of the west.

They pretty much only continue to fall under the spells of the top 5-10% of men (the now clubless Chads) who are generally doe-eyed criminals, psychopathic financial sector Don Draper doppelgangers, or tattooed soccer stars. Only these kinds of wealthy and famous men will “truly” suffice, regardless of their moral standing.

And with the dawn of Instagram, in addition to the well established women’s empowerment rhetoric in the progressive media, women who are not held sway to the Chads have now become “goddesses” in the eyes of a huge chunk of that remaining 90% of men. The beta cavemen of 12,000 B.C. had things pretty good by comparison.

Super Duper Jumbo Ultra Mega Male Thirst

What is partly to blame for even semi-attractive women being dubbed online goddesses now?

Well first of all, human males are far more outwardly horny creatures than their female counterparts. Despite the preposterous claims of the cultural Marxist sect who espouse that both genders are “equal” in every conceivable fashion, this is an irrefutable fact.

It is this insatiable male sex drive that fuels the ‘male payer-female payee’ prostitution, strip club, bachelor party, escort, and pornography industries that have stratospheric demand compared to the heterosexual ‘female payer-male payee’ variety. In fact, alpha Chad prostitution or escorting services to attractive women is an absurd trope which almost exclusively exists in American (((television shows))) like “Hung” or “Satisfaction“. Rare exceptions have existed, but it’s not a reflection of real life in the slightest.

pimps and hos


In reality, most non-obese women between ages 15 and 50 can by and large have sex whenever they want without dropping a dime. But what women REALLY wanted all along, after all these thousands of years, was not exclusive raw sexual encounters with a Chad, but attention. And Instagram likes for women are like sex for men. It’s what they crave the most, and will go to great lengths to get it.

Combine female vanity with the modern epidemic of horny and yet low-energy “bugmen”, and calling bikini-clad women “Goddess!” or saying “You’re beautiful!” on Instagram is the biggest value exchange of the age.

italy goddess

There’s always at least one somewhere

pure goddess

Not just Goddess, but “Pure Goddess”

goddess worship

Better get down on those knees boys. 50,000 Goddesses await.

You Go Girl Goddess!

Male thirst in our ultra lazy phone-flipping environment isn’t the entire culprit. For years, women have been spoon fed so much women’s empowerment and “you go girl!” narratives that they truly are starting to act like they are some kind of divine being. On the other hand, men being told they are gods would (naturally) be considered “uber problematic toxic masculinity”, or something to that effect.

Take a look at this snippet from a Broadly article.


Newly minted spinster thinks she’s a Goddess now. So she can feel better.

That’s right. If he haven’t landed a husband yet, and are staring a childless second half of your life right down the tube, just inhale some new age mumbo jumbo and you are a “goddess” now!

Also, morbid obesity (and general butt ugliness) should be no barrier to inhaling a heavy dose of that goddess empowerment either. All women are goddesses if they want to be, and that’s final. End of story.

Some Goddesses of Gluttony


goddess miss universe

Bow before your Goddess my millions of Instagram beta orbiters! Hit that “like” button and message me endless “Goddess!” and “You’re Beautiful!” messages! I need that daily dopamine hit!

The rubicon has been crossed, and we are forever in this brave new world of 24/7 female attention whoring and beta male thirsting. A raging river of Instagram uploads cannot be stopped by a few rebellious hands sticking their hands in the water to try and stop the flow. There is absolutely no point even trying.

Instead, roll with the punches and separate yourselves from the “Goddess!” thirst tsunami as best you can. Lift those weights, avoid those carbs, learn that game, make that bank, and look but don’t touch comment. “God Speed” gentlemen.

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