I had a lazy week last week. It’s winter where I live, and I had a pretty bad flu. For the first time in a long time, I watched TV. Two nights in a row, I stumbled upon an episode of ‘Sex and the City’. I’d never watched it before, but had heard it mentioned as one of the influences that has driven Western women to be what they are today.

Upon watching for five minutes or so, I saw it as something that, as a red pilled man, could be of use to me—hearing the inner monologues of these women straight from the horse’s mouth (yes, that was a Sarah Jessica Parker joke).

I rented the first two seasons and watched them in about a week. For a while, it was mildly entertaining, but, more than anything else, it solidified beyond a doubt everything that red pilled men have been saying. It truly showed the ugly inner world of the modern Western woman; someone given unlimited options and undeserved attention.

Here are some things I learned:

1. Women want to have their cake and eat it too, and have no self awareness about their hypocrisy

This woman clearly deserves a millionaire Alpha to see her as ‘The One’

Two of the women on the show, the horse face (Carrie) and the brunette (Charlotte), are perpetually looking for love, or ‘the one’. After dating a man about 3-4 points higher than her (known as ‘Mr Big’), and having dated for only a few months, Carrie dumps him because he didn’t want to introduce her to his mother. “I need a sign, tell me I’m the one,” she complains to ‘Big’. After he refuses to give her a ‘sign’, she breaks up with him. Her monologue concludes that she has “faith in myself, faith that I would one day meet someone who would be sure that I was the one.”

This is the same woman who, in the earlier episodes, was having one night stands left, right and center, and who, in another episode, makes out with another guy and takes him home (although they don’t have sex) after a tame disagreement with ‘Big’.

On top of that, in an episode that starts with her period being late, she spends the entirety of it contemplating the horror that she might be pregnant. It’s portrayed as if she potentially has a terminal illness—“Oh no, no more riding the carousel and drinking myself stupid. How will I ever live?” Truly ‘the one’ material.

Another quote from Carrie that shows a total lack of self awareness: “It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx… why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?” I guess she never asked the men whether they found women in their mid 30s with no skills and a significant notch count ‘great’.

2. Men are seen as disposable. There are no ‘feelings’ for the men, only feelings for their utility.

Wants a guy to provide for her and be her handyman, but won’t blow him

“Always marry someone who loves you more than you love them,” a woman getting married whispers to Carrie on her wedding day. There is no love there, or in 99% of the relationships on the show. The women truly indoctrinated into ‘New York dating culture’ are pragmatic; putting men into categories of a) can he fuck me good, b) can he buy me nice things, and even c) can he do work around the house for me.


In one episode, Charlotte ends up sleeping with the handyman in her apartment building, because he was planning to move to another city to become an actor. She realizes she wouldn’t have anyone around to “lift heavy things,” so she sleeps with him to try and convince him to abandon his acting dream and stay.

In another episode, Charlotte states that it is a requirement for the man to always make more money than the woman. Meanwhile, she refuses to give oral sex to a boyfriend, frigidly saying she will never do it.

Ask not what a man can do for you, but what on earth do you have to offer a man?

3. Women 20 years ago were much more feminine than women today

‘Mr Big,’ a true Alpha

This was perhaps the scariest discovery of all. In all honesty, the women in this show still blow most of today’s Western women out of the water in terms of femininity.

Despite all the characteristics that I listed above, when they were actually interacting with men, there was a greater deal of respect than what you see today. They weren’t so emboldened to show their solipsism in front of men. Even the way the women moved was more feminine than the women today. I didn’t see a tattoo or an odd piercing on any of them. The women at least smiled a lot when talking to men, and (apart from Carrie) dressed in a classy but understated way.

I can’t help but notice how American women today have ruined their natural beauty by their increasingly masculine behaviour. The fact that even these self obsessed New York yuppies were far more feminine than the average Western woman today shows how toxic things are now.

Final thoughts

If you are a man on the fence about whether to pursue serious relationships with Western women, I would give a few episodes a watch. It shows the inner thoughts of women who have been put up on such a pedestal that they are simply unable to be happy with any one choice.

These women always found a way to make themselves dissatisfied with the men in their lives; And that was 20 years ago, before internet dating, the ‘body positivity’ movement, #MeToo, Instagram, the obsession with tattoos and piercings, the notion of ‘gender fluidity,’ and the general hatred of masculinity that is routinely in the media. Tread carefully, gentlemen.

(I’m off now to get my T levels checked. I think they fell in the last week.)

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