To those who do not know, black propaganda is information from a source that is not what it claims to be. It can be used in nefarious ways to manipulate movements and people. It is usually the domain of sophisticated intelligence agencies and media companies. When it is done by ordinary people and has an actual effect, it is quite interesting. It is also hilarious when it exposes the stupidity of its intended audience.

I was recently informed of such an operation. If this operation is true, it shows the ease in which a clever person can create divisions within feminism. It also show the stupidity of the rank and file foot soldiers. According to the operative “Bavarian” there is an operation dubbed “Lollipop” directed at the fissures in the feminist movement.


Quoting from the email that was forwarded to me from “Bavarian”:

I was told you are interested in my group’s (Codename: Lollipop) ongoing operation against the PoOs (People of Oppression). My group poses as feminists on twitter. We bait other PoOs into agreeing with us as we subtly move them more and more to the extreme. The purpose is to make moderate feminists turned off with the movement, as well as cause infighting within the group. As some of our operatives have been compromised, my commander has given me permission to make some of their conversations on twitter public. We want to let the PoOs know that we have infiltrated them so that they begin to accuse each other of being Lollipop operatives.


Reading this first paragraph piqued my interest. It reminded me somewhat of the Kurt Russel remake of the movie “The Thing” where everyone accused everyone else of being the alien. I could see how this would upset a few true believers in the feminist movement. Reading further, I had a few more giggles:

We manly pose as women of color and argue with white feminists. We “check their privilege” to the point that they are fed up. For example, if they say “it’s not our time to talk, white ladies, it’s our time to listen,” we say “the last time white women just listened, George Zimmerman walked free.”



While I do not subscribe to racism, this use of it could be very corrosive to the cohesion of the feminists. I can only imagine the dissension this would cause in their ranks. I then continued to read the email. To paraphrase the late night infomercial, “but wait there’s more”:

This group started when the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen started trending. It referred to an incident where the feminist Hugo Schwartz [sic] [Schwyzer] had a mental breakdown and revealed on twitter that feminism was a fraud. He further revealed that WoC were incompetent and only got in the way of the movement. Some white women offered him sympathy and told him to get help. The WoC got angry and started the hashtag.

It seems Return of Kings’s perennial favorite white knight  Hugo Schwyzer provided the spark to this “Operation Lollipop”. If so, those tears would be delicious. “Bavarian” has also provided select twitter screenshots and a tumblr for those who would want to see the “declassified” tweets. I noticed one of the accounts is followed by Vanilla Ice, which elicited another chuckle. Apparently this operation is ongoing:

The declassified tweets can be found at Start at the bottom of the page and work your way up. I apologize that these aren’t the best tweets we have, but we need to save our best material for future conversations. I’ve also attached some tweets to this email.


I can only imagine the chaos such an operation would wreak upon the feminists. I look forward to seeing how it all works out. Maybe it will cause the level of mistrust to skyrocket to levels that would hinder the feminist machine. Maybe it will give me more things to laugh at on the internet. All I know is this concept is quite dastardly and funny.

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