Back then when our forefathers still chased deer in the woods, when they wrestled invaders in the mountains and threw their spears at ferocious beasts, they did it with fury in their eyes, full of strive and keenness, full of power, full of energy. Those who lacked it were prone to die as energy back then meant life force. Most men today would let the deer flee, would be stomped into the ground by invaders and would be ripped apart by the beast instead of killing it. Men today simply lack energy.

The Tyranny of Comfort

A realm of ease already spans across most of the Western world and turns men into bugmen. The most comfort, convenience, ease and idleness seem to be the highest goals and dreams of the modern human. And this decline, this devolution, is continuing and it seems that nearly everyone, even a lot of right-wingers, support it.

Are you a bugman?

The Industry is doing its best bring us wider screens where we can watch TV or YouTube the whole day while sitting on our cushy couch, jacking off to other men fucking plastic women in porn while sticking our third leg in a synthetic vagina. Truly glorious and manly isn’t it?

Maybe sometime in the future, all men will fuck plastic sex robots from Japan that our truly wise and self-sacrificing scientists will develop. And I bet they will do it. They do it with such fanaticism, such faith that they are even willing to use the little remaining amount of energy they have left to attain that ultimate goal in the service of the realm of ease. Surely this leviathan, this god of ultimate degeneration to the most lowly, lethargic, and meaningless, is a form of “progress.”


A happy future for the bugmen

Generally we live in a low energy society where low level individuals are rewarded through even more ease while spending even less energy. The bugmen choose the easy way of going through life, they kowtow before the establishment, before leftists, before feminists, before women. They go through school without questioning anything, they get a job where they sit around all day in the office, marry some crazy spinster and produce more bugmen with them, until they get cucked and their wives will continue their rule over them as single moms in form of economic servitude without the small benefit of sex they experienced before.

The energy to overcome those parasites has vanished in the bugmen, there is no true strive, no aspiration, no pursuit of any true goal in them besides worshiping the god of ease. This is the foundation to erase men’s true energy, the little remaining energy that remains is used for slave work.

It’s not only mental

In my own homeland of Germany, the military is so desperate in its search for new recruits that they even need to take in fat beta men. I even personally know a girl who is barely 62 inches high with a small childlike body serving in the military. Germany is even upgrading tanks and uniforms to be more comfortable for pregnant women. Young men in Germany are often bragging about being manly and strong and hard while simultaneously putting no energy in being so.


Single-moms can finally serve in the military!

Most men I know “approach” women only online because they are such faggots that they would never dare to approach girls in real life, while the fat girls get impregnated by low quality men and live through taxpayer money. At least these fathers don’t live in economic servitude of their land whales as in this case both partners don’t have any money. Those men are still powerless, aimless, useless. They don’t understand what they could do with true energy if they even had some.

Bugmen are nothing new

With the end of the stone age, men began to slowly degenerate and lose his energy. Strong and independent hunters became puny agriculture dependent farmers—kowtowing bugmen of their new elite: morose and joyless old hags and grouchy and grudging old men envious of their youthful energy—and worshipers of comfort and ease.

In rare cases, true alpha men ruled this bunch of bugmen and at least showed them an example of true energy and power. They could aspire to become as strong mighty and manly as them and weren’t broken by old hags.

Today’s old hags

With increasing commerce and dwindling isolation, men could achieve some degree of independence by using their energy in craftsmanship and becoming masters of it. They could become cunning merchants or great warriors showing their bravery in glorious battle not for old hags but for their and their rulers’ advantage.

Those were men who founded nations, progressed not only in technology but also in their existence. They progressed in becoming stronger, smarter, swifter. They tried to become higher men trough goals and aspirations. Instead, the industrial revolution, Marxism, the creation of welfare states, and unhealthy technology resulted in an unhealthy gigantic increase in bugmen.

The Answer

The only answer to this reign of idleness is revolution, revolution in form of strive, aspiration, ambition, in following a path to greatness, in discovering one’s own energy, in manifesting it in from action and change. In finding the fury in your eyes. In becoming the storm over the once windless forest and breaking those trees who can’t resist your might and energy.

Train in the gym, carve out your body like a Donatello or Michelangelo, sharpen your mind like the great Greek philosophers of old, learn to fight and make yourself and your ancestors proud of you, be a father, be a true man, be the energetic storm in the windless idleness.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “There is nothing permanent except change”

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