If you are an avid reader of ROK, you will by now be familiar with the catastrophic condition of Western Civilisation. You will also, via the almost repetitive literary exploration on the part of the myriad of writers here at ROK, be deftly familiar with the nuanced reasons as to why this is the case.

Truths such as women’s suffrage being the cause of bigger and more Orwellian governments, family courts always screwing over the male in the relationship, unchecked migration leading to higher-birth-rate-higher-violence-demographic-replacement Jihad, and many, many more have been discussed ad nauseam on this site as well as many other reputable collections of masculine utterances on the internet. You would thus understand that it is rather insensitive, then, of me to say that these discussions are getting fucking boring. But I had to say it.

We’ve invested countless hours of internet attention repeating the much needed mantra of these truths, and have lamented in no small measure at the degeneracy of Western society. But what have we achieved? More discussions? More impotent internet outrage? More well spoken public intellectuals that inspire people’s heads but remain distant to people’s hearts? Quite frankly, nothing is changing.

Intellectual Darkweb

But I know something that many of you also know and are reluctant to divulge. I know that the root cause of all of this is the Western male’s pathological deference to women. I know that it was white knights that handed women and those without property the right to vote. I know that cucks and manginas skewered the remnants of male dignity and free market enterprise to the alter of pussy worship and, with masochistic glee, ushered in the fall of their own societies.

And I know that, in the full face of the destructiveness of playing identity politics, it is Anglo men that OVERWHELMINGLY succumb to the seductive forces of pussy worship. That’s right, you can’t fucking help yourselves. Maybe it’s genetic, but it doesn’t matter. The mere sight of a female in distress causes you to step over your own mothers to rescue them. The disapproving crocodile tears of women causes you to, as if possessed by a demon, hand over the last connecting sections of your testicles on a gold platter.

Anglo fathers would rather accept the destruction of civilisation than swallow the discomfort of seeing their daughters not have their princess demands met. Similarly, Anglo husbands and boyfriends would rather tolerate total self neutering than having to muster the testicular fortitude to confront the horrid behaviour of their partners.


They willfully create entire welfare states where the productive are stripped of their resources, often in excess of 50%, in order to appease female voters that feel entitled to those resources. They blindly usher in public sectors that inefficiently guzzle tax funds to create jobs that predominantly gear towards female employees. They corrupt and mutate the legal system such that nowadays, most of the English speaking world criminalises natural verbal conversation between men and women. And, with an air of vociferous righteousness, they make eunuchs of themselves and their fellow men, all in the pursuit of basking in the glory of female approval.

Even nut jobs on the extreme right harbour fanciful illusions about women, and believe irrationally in the almost laughable idea that white women possess a divinity that must be cherished to the point of explicit worship. The arguably positive elements of their racial homogeneity is more than tainted by the pathetic blue-pilled conditioning that they cannot shrug off.

Not cucked

Perhaps these criticisms seem insensitive or even outright derogatory, but find me a supremely cucked politician in the Anglosphere and I can guarantee that his surname is not Ivanov or Takahashi or Wang for that matter. Most Anglo men cannot be reasoned into springing to action and enacting change in a dying society. But they can be emotionally riled up. And if ROK can lay claim to any immense 21st century achievements, let it be that we riled up men across the West with anger at the enunciation of their pathetic cuckery. I propose two new hashtags that will hopefully go viral and even become culturally ubiquitous across the West: #AngloCuck and #AngloCuckery

I applaud you all to insert these sweet little encapsulations of facetious mockery into all corners of the internet as you see fit. I applaud you to recruit these terms into your vast arsenal of verbal insults when conversing with friends. I applaud you to reflect on the deeper, albeit comical meaning behind these terms and use them as a constant reminder of your own shameful propensity to white knight for females.

Unless men take the reins of civilisation, the West will continue to crumble. If this (hopefully) seismic cultural movement is the last stand of the West, then so be it. These hashtags are meant to be insulting. Get angry, God damn it. Be insulted. Show some fucking rage. And use that rage to fuel the drive to take action. Or your civilisation fucking dies.

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