When everything you have ever been told is a lie, everything you say will likely be a lie. I feel as though every time I interact with the outside world, I am being lied to in some way or I can detect fakeness in people.

I went to apply to a job at Dollarama last month and when I met the manager, he told me that they were not hiring despite the fact that right on the entrance door there was a sign saying that “We are hiring”. After the store opened a couple weeks later, I noticed that all of the new employees were either black, Muslim or degenerate tattooed young women.

Welcome to Toronto

Of course, I live in Toronto, Canada, arguably the most anti-white male city in the world. Why would they hire me? I went to go visit the house of an old friend whom I had not seen in years and as we approached the house, a white stay-at-home female neighbour came running over, likely looking for a problem to yap about to her husband for the next two weeks.

We asked about if anyone is living in the house and she said yes, someone is living there. So we turned around and parked on the side street, and after she had gone inside we walked up to our old friends house, which turned out to be completely abandoned and empty. The yard was a mess and there were tree branches blocking the entrance.

Why would this white Canadian lady blatantly lie to us for no reason? Because she fits into the 95 percent of woman these days who are non-stop compulsive pathological liars—all day, every day, every word, everything they say is a lie. It’s a little less with men, maybe 75% are the same but not nearly on the same level as women—not even close.

My friend and I went to look for a job last month and as we parked on a side street, the owner of the house came out and said we couldn’t park there – despite the fact that many other cars parked on the street. He said he was doing us a favour when he was simply hoping we would object to create a problem out of thin air. He drove away but immediately spun around and came back in the hopes that we would still be there so he could call the city and give us a ticket. These people love to create stupid problems for the simple reason of having something to yap and bitch about for next several weeks of their boring, miserable, and empty lives.


I went to Tim Hortons to get a bagel sandwich combo for breakfast and the female cashier tried to pretend it wasn’t a combo so I wouldn’t save a measly dollar seventy five, and she also didn’t ask me if I wanted a piece of sausage on it. When I told the server I wanted bacon instead, the female cashier gave me a hideous dirty look, as if she was furious she couldn’t screw me over in any way.


But perhaps I am simply not fortunate enough to live an honest enough society to experience this, and I understand that many who do will strongly disagree with me. Perhaps I go on about this simply because I live in Toronto, Canada which is an incredibly boring and fake city with awful women—arguably the worst on the planet.

And look, I get it—Toronto is a playground for the New World Order and a toy factory for globalism and is arguably the most media brainwashed city on the planet but still, I wish I lived a society where the average person I encounter could be trusted, but unfortunately I personally do not live in that society, at least not yet in my life.

The small five percent of women who understand honesty, being straightforward, and are trustworthy are the gems, let alone if they are also gorgeous and attractive. They are the keepers and if you have managed to find one, hold on to her and consider yourself a lucky man. If you live in a society where you are surrounded by good natured, honest neighbours who go out of their way to help you in times of need, consider yourself lucky and strongly cherish them in return.

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