The public has recently been made aware of Blake Griffin’s entrance into the world of fatherhood. For those of you who don’t know him, Griffin is an NBA superstar who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. He is one of the most ridiculous athletes in all of professional sports, so his goings-on tend to get attention.


Granted, this seems unremarkable at first. After all, NBA athletes (stars or otherwise) make babies all the time. Why care about this case? The answer lies with who was carrying Mr. Griffin’s baby, and the baby she’s carried before.

2007-08 NCAA Women's Basketball - Oregon State at Southern California (47-59) - January 24, 2008

Brynn Cameron was a basketball player at USC. She got knocked up by Matt Leinart (a pro-football athlete) as a sophomore and now is having her second child by another pro athlete.

Yes, I know: the girl is a shark, watch out for the gold digging hoe, etc, etc. Say what you will, but she has mastered the female equivalent of game, which is designed not so much to attract men as it is to attract the right kind of man (read: well-off, high status) and extract valuable resources (tangible and intangible) from him. She was able to pull this off flawlessly not just once but twice, and each time she reeled in a professional athlete who had secured (or would go on to secure) massive contracts.

And you know what? I can’t even hate.


I can’t knock a good hustle. Too many decent looking young women out there are just letting any old do-nothing guy in to knock them up. There are plenty of beautiful women running around out there with kids by men of no note and no value whatsoever. Women who look like this:


Very attractive women who could sleep and gather semen from just about ANY many they chose, birthing children for men who aren’t worth a damn.

Even more intriguing are the females who have a “do-something” (read: rich) dude on lock, but are sleeping around on the side with do-nothing guys and getting knocked up by the wrong dude. This has happened with more than one pro athlete, and the consequences have been dire in some instances. Their stupidity in failing to even gold-dig properly by making certain they at least get the right sperm is notable.


To keep it simple, there are lots of gold-diggers out there but very few who know where to dig and how to do it.

Brynn Cameron is a smart woman. She knew she had all of the tools to succeed in America – she was tall, very leggy, athletic, white, blonde haired and blue eyed. She also comes from a freakishly athletic family – Jordan Cameron is having a breakout 2013 season for the Cleveland Browns and is looking like a future all-pro tight end. Colby Cameron was an elite NCAA quarterback and (now former) Carolina Panther who, in 2012, broke records for passes completed without an interception in a season or career, and won the Sammy Baugh tropy as the best passer in the nation not named Johnny Manziel. Brynn heself was a D1 basketball player. All of that is sure to appeal to any pro athlete – if he’s going to knock any girl up, it may as well be the one with the freakish bloodlines and the elite (by American standards – leggy blue-eyed blondes are the physical ideal here) physical appearance.


Brynn Cameron put herself in the mecca of celebrity (LA), played a little b-ball and made things work for her. And, most importantly, she made damn sure she got the RIGHT seed in her and wasted very little time with no-name, do-nothing dudes.

2007-08 NCAA Basketball - UCLA at Southern California (56-46) - February 17, 2008

Is she a hustler? Yeah, but I can’t hate on it. Between her exploits and those of her brothers (one of whom is probably this year breakout superstar at the tight end position in the NFL), she’s done quite well by her family and guaranteed that all her offspring will have money, as will she for the rest of her life. The legal system will further ensure it:

As for the child she had with her baby daddy Matt, 6-year-old Cole lives primarily with her and we’re told she’s getting a boatload of child support — we know she was getting $15k a month.

Again, can’t knock that. Just gotta respect the hustle. We live in a society that has handed her the tools on a silver platter and she used them better than most ever could. Well played, Brynn Cameron. Well played.


As for how such a story can aid the man concerned with self-improvement? It starts by teaching you the caliber of your opponents and the weapons they have at their disposal. Know a good hustler when you see one and identify the tools they use to ply their trade like Brynn Cameron did here. Such observations could one day save you a lot of money.

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