How do healthy countries become so pozzed-out that they collapse? This happens one step at a time.

The rise of great nations

What characterizes countries at peak health? In historical times, they often became expanding empires. The right of conquest was simply how things rolled. Robust superpowers today likely will focus on building infrastructure, economic development, and scientific achievements. An impoverished country can become strong if conditions are steadily improving and its society is healthy.

Since the 1920s, imperialism and even recapturing occupied provinces became unfashionable for countries with bad press. Since the 1950s, territorial aggrandizement stopped being chic even for those with good press. Alliance-building happens, spit-in-your-eye wars occur too, but actual expansionism is rare. However, healthy countries are potentially capable of it.

Further, they also resist invasion by armies and opportunistic migrants. A country that can’t defend its borders—or doesn’t—inevitably falls.

Their decline

Frivolous materialism, inertia, and inattention will bring increasing decadence. It’s usually a slow process. A country might even coast along a few centuries before all hell breaks loose.

However, corrupt elites and political factors can cause terminal decline within a few generations. Why doesn’t the public do something? As the old proverb goes:

How do you boil a lobster alive without it jumping out of the pot? Turn up the heat very slowly.

They haven’t noticed us. Awesome!

Decadence generally begins in urban areas. This usually includes the capital itself, where a normal nation is expectedly the strongest. If most of the country is urbanized, without a strong rural population, the results are obvious. However, the decay eventually pozzes things everywhere.

Much of the public might remain pretty normal even in badly pozzed societies. Some will give warning about the way things are headed. However, they’re neither in charge, nor holding the Big Megaphone. Therefore—especially in recent times—they become marginalized dissidents. It’s an uphill battle, but with proper foresight and proper action, the decline can be reversed.

What follows is only a rough capsule summary. (Several other factors could be detailed: economy, religion, etc.) The following generally apply to each phase, though some specifics can occur earlier or later.

Neg: Perfectly normal

Probably not dancing to hip-hop.

  • The government, whatever form it takes, prioritizes the well-being of its people. Politicians act sensibly.
  • The founding population is firmly in charge.
  • Incompatible immigrants are not permitted.
  • Women and men get along harmoniously. Traditional sex roles are observed, family life is healthy, and immorality is strongly discouraged. A demi-monde may exist, but stays behind closed doors.
  • Citizens treasure their culture. Patriotism is strong.

That’s what a normal country looks like. These things aren’t even questioned; everyone knows what works. As a result, social cohesion is very strong. A moderate economic downturn won’t disturb the social fabric.

Poz1: Slight decadence

Not quite Miley Cyrus levels yet.

  • Wealthy interests begin co-opting the legitimate government.
  • The founding population becomes apathetic and distracted by idle pursuits.
  • Ethnic tensions create new challenges, sometimes encouraged by political factors.
  • Minor degeneracy becomes visible: mild immorality, a little open homosexuality, slight gender bending, etc. Most consider all this abnormal, grudgingly tolerated.
  • Artificial cosmopolitanism gets chic.

The public is kept unaware of the first item. The other items are made fashionable among some circles. Norms are challenged, but the common people still understand what’s normal. Strange academic theories arise. They have no effect then, but will later.

This modest degree of decadence isn’t particularly threatening—yet. However, a colonial empire starts running out of steam. A superpower begins losing its dynamism.

Poz2: Aggressive abnormality

Charming, innocent maidens enjoying the fresh air

  • Leftists start getting everything wrong. Nominally conservative politicians neglect to fix these mistakes. Bureaucrats become obstructive careerists.
  • The founding population loses its resolve and self-awareness.
  • Open borders policies begin.
  • Traditional morality loses official support. In-your-face degeneracy appears. The sexual marketplace is in chaos. Relations between the sexes decline. Fertility begins dropping.
  • Patriotism and cultural pride start diminishing.

Serious structural problems develop. Colonial empires start crumbling. Superpowers become lackluster. Even responsible leaders who manage to get in office can only do so much.


Social cohesion diminishes. Courts start being more about word games than justice. Abnormality demands accommodation—and gets it—then they demand more. Sporadic riots (usually politically motivated) and high crime rates become a regular feature of urban life, ineffectively handled by the government.

Poz3: Decadent decline

This is your brain on feminism.

  • Plutocratic convergence is complete. Even ostensible representative democracies are hostile to the public. The lunatics are running the asylum.
  • The founding population is perilously declining in numbers and power.
  • The country has become thoroughly colonized through population replacement immigration.
  • Healthy families are becoming relatively scarce. Dysgenic trends long in place are dragging down society.
  • National sovereignty becomes a joke.

Abnormal is good; normal is wrong. Fair is foul and foul is fair. The government might appear stable, but tremendous problems are accumulating. Opposition is suppressed by any means available.

Still, the country itself is literally fragmenting. Their enemies openly gloat. Not even the police can control “no-go” zones. Massive riots erupt. Secession movements may arise, either from ethnic separatists, or the founding population wishing to preserve part of its own country. However, the government remains overconfident, sometimes doubling down on their mistakes.

The last hope is dissidents gaining power and cleaning house. Moderate reformers will roll things back to Poz1 or perhaps Neg. Meanie dictators will reboot society violently, creating a country with bad press. These counterrevolutions can go too far. However, the alternative is becoming a failed state.

Poz4: Civilizational collapse

Her last words: “Fuck you, Dad!”

Shocked, the ineffectual government discovers that it’s lost control. The nation can’t survive with incompetents, crooks, and saboteurs in charge, or with a demoralized public. A radical regime or a civil war become possible.

Also, enemies might take over: either from outside, or those the government had let in. The hippies once said, “What if they had a war and nobody came?” This happens for the citizens, but not for the barbarians. The result, as may be expected, is devastation.

If the barbarians are intelligent and well-organized, healthy nations eventually re-emerge. If the barbarians are dull or unskilled at statecraft, it permanently becomes a Third World slum. Unfortunately, we’re out of Visigoths lately.


To make a very long story short, ancient Rome was Neg for centuries—eventually amassing a vast empire—but began decaying. Tacitus described the Germanic tribes and their deeply traditional society, contrasting them with Rome’s decadence. Juvenal’s Satires—written around then or shortly after—showed Rome’s Poz2 absurdities. (They tried to warn those guys…) During the Commodus administration, the slow decline began. The Dark Ages followed.

The USA first became Poz1 during the Roaring Twenties. The Great Depression—certainly a less extravagant time—restored Neg conditions, other than new globalist ascendancy in government. During the mid-1960s, an especially chaotic Poz2 condition rapidly emerged, partly from Soviet ideological sabotage intending to bring Poz4. During the mid-1970s, the cultural sphere reverted to just above Poz1. The USA returned to Poz2 in the 1990s, now almost Poz3.

Europe’s history is too complex to cover fully. As a rough summary, Western Europe is generally Poz3, following decades of cultural Marxism and misrule by globohomo Eurocrats. Sweden rapidly approaches Poz4. Germany, Britain, and France aren’t far behind. Eastern Europe is generally Poz1 or Poz2, depending on the location.

Rolling back the decline would be quite prudent.

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