At the end of June, a Frenchman of Turkish origin, Mourad Ghazli, had had enough of seeing rainbow flags prominently displayed on public buildings and now on Parisian pedestrian crossings. Revolted by this blatant taking over of public space, he took his phone while at the pool to record the following video.

A Turkish Muslim’s critique of the LGBT community

Mourad Ghazli is a versatile man. Back in the 90s, he had a semi-professional sports career in various disciplines: judo, sumo, jujitsu, then rugby. He worked as a subway driver in Paris, was fired over denouncing corruption, and became a Freemason. He also had a short-lived radio career before embarking in politics, which allowed him to join the town council of Thiais, near Paris. Moreover, if we are to believe him, he sired no less than eight children.

In his video, Ghazli makes the following points:

1. Organized minorities rule through shaming, pressuring people into conformism and isolating the least hint of criticism. Such rule only works up to a certain point. Past some degree of robustness and independence, the pressured start revolting openly. Especially since degenerate bullies tend to create resentment.

2. People use the “I have a X friend” card to try to exert freedom of speech without being bullied. This usually fails as leftists typically answer “If you notice some bad minority behaviour, you’re an –ist and a –phobic!” Ghazli rejects the card and reaffirms two distinctions: between the individual and the group, between (private) sexual practices and (public) group identity.

3. There’s no reason why sexual practices should be a social badge, much less a right-bearing, pedestalized, “empowered” social identity. Why do not pussy lickers, escort fans, bestiality amateurs, and wide sex party practitioners get their own celebrated group identity too? This would be consistent with the special snowflake atomization road.

4. LGBT activism bears no relationship with any rational idea of social justice. In France, laws against “discriminating” are already in full force to make sure employers hire abnormal people over the average Jean. LGBTs are already a wealthy, well-connected, financially and culturally powerful urban group. What could they ask for in the name of repairing a purported wrong? Their pride is not about justice—it is sheer narcissism.

When you’re parading with a leather suit, leather in the butt, and howling how proud you are to be a homo, you’re not asking for rights. You’re just saying, I’m proud to be a member of a special tribe, screw you! Well, screw you too.

French National Assembly today

5. LGBT narcissism and taking over on public space is going very far: putting the rainbow flag above and wider than the national flag means desecrating the latter. Likewise, imposing it as a prominent part of the urban landscape manifests a shameless arrogance. Such behaviour can be perceived as provocative, because it is.

6. Is Islamophobia justified when it is meant not to protect European cultures and peoples but sexual degeneracy and dubious groups?

7. LGBT activists routinely use the apex fallacy: they single out heterosexual parents mistreating their children to compare them with apparently good homosexual adopters. Of course, comparing the few rotten apples among the normal with the best and brightest homosexuals is fallacious. This is unsurprising, given that feminists used to pull the very same trick from their sleeves when they compared noble, wealthy one-percenter men with penniless women while conveniently forgetting millions of normal, much poorer men.

Ghazli ends up his speech with an interesting idea:

I would like that all homosexuals who do not raise children pay a higher social contribution for retirement plans. Why? In the French pay-as-you-go retirement scheme [different from the American funded pension scheme], the younger pay for the older. When you don’t have children, you force the heterosexuals to pay for your retirement. Right now heterosexuals are badly discriminated compared with homosexuals.

This is basically an extension of the family quotient policy. The more children you have, the less taxes you pay, which lets the single pay the highest taxes.

If that seems way too socialist to you, remember that the family quotient was enacted when nationhood meant something, when women still depended upon men and when jobs were still there. In other words, the family quotient encouraged men to become fathers, or to help their national brothers and cousins—not beta workhorses paying for all kinds of parasites as today.

I had eight children. Eight taxpayers then. And you, Mr. Homo? How many taxpayers did you give to the country? Who’s paying for you now?


The LGBTBBQXYZ get triggered

The LGBTXYZ are one of the most cushioned groups right now. They are also very prone to mental diseases, AIDS-spreading behaviour, and fits of violence. As a result, they can’t stand the least criticism without getting angry. A homo association has nearly doxxed Ghazli and is asking people to pressure the Thiais town council into firing him. The MSM is following closely.

Ironically, if you scroll down the (now deleted) Twitter thread,  you will see fussy progressives bashing Ghazli as a Turk. They accuse him of being too Turkish to speak as a French citizen. Hmm, isn’t that a bit xenophobic—or do gender freaks have some right to lash out at other “minority” identities that the regular disenfranchised white doesn’t have?

The LGBTs are far more powerful and privileged than Erdogan fans. They are also cunning crooked dishonest sophisticated enough to be racist while maintaining an impeccable progressive veneer. In any case, the fact that we have to weigh the purported power of all these groups and identities, in a society basically created by our identity, shows how much ground we’ve lost.

But the story doesn’t stop here. In spite of the screeching sodomites’ best efforts, one cannot fire an elected councilor that easily. (Oh, the awful democracy! How easier it would be if everyone outside of the Cathedral had no constitutional rights!)

Contacted by journalists, Mourad Ghazli refused to apologize. He bravely upheld his distinction between private sexuality rights and public encroaching. Yet he also added that he had left the country to settle down in Turkey. As other town councilors eagerly mentioned on Twitter, Ghazli has stopped coming to the town council meeting.

To the journalists asking him about this weird situation, Ghazli answered he had no intention to resign, and added he mostly stayed in the council “to piss off the mayor,” whom he hates.

This mess is but a representative sample of what’s supposed to be my country, or wider yet, our whole Western civilization. What identity do you want to defend? What principles would you like to uphold (beyond kicking them all out)?

“Mourad Ghazli is being defamed. He just dared to say he condemned Gay Pride obscenities… From our leftist friends’ point of view, a good Muslim is a Muslim who keeps his head down and denies is own values.”

Granted, Turkish men have a reputation for hard work that other annoying groups do not have. I can personally testify that Turks hate being confused with North Africans, whom they despise, but the Turks also have a reputation for ethnic networking, and their identity is not mine anyway.

While I’m glad to share some of Ghazli’s points, I would like these made by an actual Westerner. And I have absolutely no desire to risk my life, or any Westerner’s life, in a war against Islam or immigration if said war is meant to defend blue-haired whales, wealthy crooks, and other degenerates.

As Western Europe is sinking into chaos, perhaps Ghazli was right to go back to his country.

Ramène une poutre, on va poutrer !

As a conclusion, let me share this: a French indie rap song expanding Ghazli’s critique humorously. Perfect for your next training even if you don’t get the lyrics.

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