If you are planning to travel to Brazil, you might want to look for another city to stay. Rio de Janeiro is no longer the paradise that it used to be.

How the mighty have fallen! A city once famous for its pretty girls, great beaches, beautiful views, and friendly people is now a shadow of its former self. Decadence lurks every street corner of Rio. It is no longer the jewel of Brazil and South America as it used to be in the 80s. Nowadays, Rio de Janeiro is a city ridden with crime, violence, corruption, greedy politicians, poverty, and crooked entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of the poor and naive. Here are six reasons why the city is no longer worth a visit…

1. Girls Are Self-Centered And Lacking In Christian Values

Living between TV stars and being considered as Brazil’s postcard has taken its toil in the expectations cariocas have about life

I believe this applies to almost all good looking girls, since Brazilian women have the reputation of being among the most attractive and enjoyable in the world. But when talking about cariocas (Brazilian girls born in Rio) their ego-centrism can reach new heights.

I don’t like generalizing, but unfortunately they are more narcissistic than girls from other regions. This is due to the fact that Rio de Janeiro is considered the postcard of Brazil. Plus it doesn’t help that all of Brazilian mainstream media headquarters and movie studios are located in this city. As a result, most of the local population want to have the same lifestyle as that of the local stars and entrepreneurs.

Carioca girls constantly dream about glamour and the material things they see these TV stars possessing. They act like girls from LA and tend to be way more ego driven than Brazilian girls from other regions. They dream of fame, wealth, and plastic looks. This phenomenon can also apply to a lot of low-T men from here .

Your gringo card will help you score a few extra points than the locals when you first start approaching, but if you are not rich or didn’t master your game skills, you can forget about dating them, even if you are good looking. You will have to settle with the more average looking girls.

2. It’s Too Militarized And Violent

Welcome to Hell de Janeiro! Enjoy your stay!

Shootouts between the police and gangs happens daily to the point that the local population is used to hearing gun shots all the time. Early this year, criminality and street violence got so high and uncontrollable that the city declared a state of emergency. The solution that the president and the Congress decreed is military intervention for the city as a desperate attempt to bring back law and order.

Street gangs, mafias, and paramilitary groups that live hidden in favela slums are usually better equipped than most cops thanks to our corrupt politicians, who misappropriate public funds that should’ve been destined to give better equipment to the police. Nevertheless our greedy politicians don’t give a damn.

3. You Have No Right To Self Defense

Brazilian Federal Police taking away guns from the Population and destroying them in 2003

If you are an American, after hearing all of this you might be wondering, why the heck the population don’t buy guns to defend themselves?


Well we used to be able to until a Populist Socialist party called the Workers Party, and a communist president named Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, took control of the country in 2001 and banned the right of self-defense and to have guns.  This communist party took control of the state and brainwashed everyone into thinking guns are “evil” to make it easier for them to seize control of the country, but this is a story for another article.

Now, the right of self-defense is a luxury that only our military, police enforcement, crooked entrepreneurs, wicked TV stars, and our beloved corrupt politicians hold. It’s still possible for the average citizen to have the right to bear guns, but they make it expensive and bureaucratic, to the point that you need to allow the government to invade your privacy and property whenever he pleases. And you are still only allowed to carry and use your weapon inside your property, thus making impossible for the poor citizen to have one. If you are caught using an unregistered weapon without a license, you can face up to four years in prison.

4. The Infrastructure Is Third World

Traffic jams are very common in Rio de Janeiro

Politicians, crooked entrepreneurs, lazy city managers—you name it, Rio got it! As hilariously as it may sound, considering that Rio is considered as Brazil’s postcard, the city is poorly managed which, as a consequence, reflects on the lack of a good infrastructure. Traffic jams along with crowded and inefficient public transportation is all part of daily life.

5. Criminals Are Everywhere

Can’t even wait to steal some “moolah” from these stupid gringos hahahahahah!!!

From street artists begging for money to vagabonds threatening to scratch or smash your parked car if you don’t “give” them money, Rio has an insane amount of street thugs trying to take advantage of gringos who lack street smarts.

Let’s also not also forget about our beloved dishonest local store merchants charging extra for gringos and Brazilian tourists from other regions. They are so desperate to get some extra moolah that they don’t mind taking advantage of their fellow Brazilian brothers from other regions as well. This all happens very frequently in the streets of Hell—oops I mean Rio de Janeiro.

6. It’s An Extremely Expensive City

Living in Rio de Janeiro can be very costly. Unless you earn dollars or Euros, it’s hard to afford rent outside of favela slums that ridden with gangs, street violence and paramilitaries groups. Outside of the slums, prepare your pockets for insanely high Singapore-styled taxes and bills for everything. This applies to other big cities in Brazil as well.

Consider that having an apartment or house in a good neighborhood can cost up to 2 million dollars. Also there is even an additional tax you have to pay each month if you have a front beach property. This applies to all states in Brazil. Yes you heard that right—our beloved government and entrepreneurs are very creative when it comes to finding ways to rob us more.


Trash floating in sunny Rio de Janeiro. Hmmm sounds like a nice day to take a dive….

Unless you want to have relive the experience of living in Chicago during the prohibition-depression era, I recommend you to stay out of Rio de Janeiro and visit other parts of Brazil.

To sum it up for the conservative Christian men out there looking for a loyal wife, or for the young man just “wanting to have some fun,” Rio de Janeiro is no longer a recommended destination at least until the high criminality and street violence situation improves.

If you still want to visit Brazil you are better off going to Southern Brazil or small towns. While I can’t guarantee you that every girl will be more virtuous and less degenerate, the more southern you go, the more good looking and respectful women get. Rio de Janeiro is far from the paradise that American TV movies and children’s animations such as Rio portray it to be.

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