I’ve been posting pictures of different women on my Twitter with the question “Would you bang?” A few days after sharing a picture, I tallied up on the yes and no responses to calculate a rating on the 1-10 scale.

My methodology was simple: I took the number of yes answers and divided it by the number of total responses. I then added 0.5 points to every score because a lot of men on the internet act like they only bang supermodels (e.g. “2/10, pointy elbows”). We also have to account for the fact that many men confuse “Would you bang?” with “Would you put in a lot of work to bang?” The WYB metric only asks if you would fornicate without having to work for it. Let’s review the women from ugliest to hottest…

1. Rating: 2.3

I see pierced nipples

It’s no surprise that most men would not bang a woman with so much plastic surgery and tattoos that she looks like a man, but this specimen is thin enough that I suspect most men would bang her if they received a doctor’s note confirming she’s AIDS-free.

2. Rating: 5.0

I prefer dark chocolate when it comes to chocolate (75% cacao to be exact), but not when it comes to women. This black woman is objectively attractive for her race, but that’s still not enough to push her out of an average rating.

3. Rating: 5.2

I see granny panties

The gigantic butt on this Asian girl could not take away from a Skeletor face. A lot of men also thought her butt was fake, which is generally a boner killer, unlike the case with fake breasts.

4. Rating: 5.6

This full-figured woman lost many points for her hair, but the men who did want to bang her showed a high enthusiasm for taking a wild ride on her voluptuous body.

5. Rating: 6.2

Even thought this newscaster is a bit long on years, with a marshmallow body to match, many men would bang her because of her generally attractive appearance.


6. Rating: 7.1

This is a picture of Bill Gates daughter, who happens to love Muslim cock. Personally, I think her face is ugly, but for many men who follow me, white is right and the fact that she’s thin and young pushes her to a favorable rating.

7. Rating: 7.2

A lesbian haircut and advanced age did not stop this German politician from blitzkreiging to a solid 7.2 score. I do suspect that her breasts played a sizable part in the surprisingly high rating.

8. Rating: 7.4

There were no surprises for this handsome woman. I believe that she would be an ideal girl for a normal man who wants a thin female to reproduce with.

9. Rating: 8.4

Big breasts strike again. This girl is not especially attractive, but she has no major flaw that pushes her into WNB territory. A genuine smile also goes a long way for men who are tired of girls with attitude.

10. Rating: 8.7

I’m not attracted to Asian girls, but I would bang this one in a vigorous manner. Most other men agree with me.

11. Rating: 9.4

The hottest girl in my sample happens to be a race amalgamation, though with heavy European admixture. Objectively, I believe she does have a superior facial structure and body compared to the other girls and so deserves her rating, which suggests that raw beauty can edge out racial preferences when it comes to solely banging.

Don’t be ashamed if you would bang every single girl on this list. The men who judge you most for your bangs are the ones who feel most ashamed of their own. If you get a boner for a girl, your dick obviously craves her body and you should proceed as long as it does not harm you emotionally or physically. All I can tell you is that my boner has never lied to me. I trust its judgement.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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