Many females manage to wreck men’s lives without having their own life ever affected. However, it also happens that sometimes the pussy pass doesn’t work anymore. This is especially true when your average spoiled white woman has to deal, not with a browbeaten white male, but with some “empowered” and fashionable violent bastard.

In Limoges, Southwest of France, one of these “attractive” bad boys stabbed his notch before burying her.

At the beginning of June, the body of a woman was found buried in the garden of her housing. She had been stabbed a dozen times. Her partner, held in police custody, was indicted for murder.

The Prosecutors Office of Limoges announced that said partner… had avowed having killed her, which led to his indictment and incarceration.

The suspect, who had been taken into police custody at Alfortville (Val-de-Marne) before getting transferred to Limoges the day after, “provided several versions of what had happened, some extremely dubious; he even explained he had no responsibility in what has happened and that several people had killed the victim in front of him”, explained Limoges public prosecutor Gilbert Emery during a press conference.

Asked about the inconsistency of his version and about material evidence the investigators had found, the suspect finally avowed having killed his girlfriend with a “kitchen knife”… She was 35 years old and mother of two teenagers.

A 29 years old Algerian national, apparently an irregular migrant, the suspect explained he had been dating her—who had divorced the father of her children—since they had met in a bar some weeks before the murder.

“He said she had a dissolute life. She was dating several men at the same time, and this made him furious”, the prosecutor added, while emphasizing that the man was indicted for a premeditated murder.


Karma’s a bitch. And as the saying goes, no one gives a better beating to a bitch than another bitch. (Based patriarchs used to take care of this kind of problem before they even appeared, but doing the same today could get you jailed or divorce-raped.)

If we lived in a healthy civilization, with native, patriarchal families and no mass immigration, this woman would still be married. She would be alive and likely happier than the alcoholic harlot she had become. Wanting to be “free”, she literally destroyed herself.

If someone deserves compassion here, I would point out to the poor teenagers who had to grow with a dissolute whore instead of a proper model. At least she won’t make her sons ashamed anymore. Sometimes growing up an orphan is better than getting overburdened by a disgraceful parent.

I also wonder whether the Algerian killer isn’t, deep down, a classic romantic male who started falling in love with his new significant other but had his heart broken after he saw she just wanted to have fun. The only difference between this alien and a usual white beta male being, besides the obvious illegality, that he reacted as an Arab does—namely, with violence—-in circumstances when the white beta politely goes to a dark corner and cries while listening to sad music.

In any case, the ex-sperm drinker, now newly elected food for worms can rest happy. The awful cisgendered white male patriarchy did not interfere with her empowered destiny.

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