Bad Religion, an American punk rock band formed in the ’80s, just released their new single entitled “The Kids Are Alt-Right”. The song is a failed attempt to satirize the Alt-Right movement and everything related to it. That is no surprise since the band is very well known for its far-left political activism.

Here are the lyrics:

Jackboots cracking on a polished floor
Red hats gathered in the liquor store
Pure hearts race on a crystal night
Everybody, grab a torch to light

Everybody, need somebody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

Now grab your partner and do-si-do
Populism is a sold-out show
Humanity is a nowhere scene
When everybody has an Ar-15

Everybody, need somebody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

We love God, we love our women
We love tradition, we love kin
We’ve got shiny new tools
For ancient impulses that we can’t even understand
So if you feel alone and downtrodden
There’s an elixir for your ills
Join the Alt-Right post-light endarkenment order
And the rest of those bastards can go to hell
Alternative facts, alternative lies
Alternative names, alternative tribes

Everybody, let’s get bloody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

The song video clip was posted on YouTube a few days ago and quickly became targeted by thousands of Alt-Right supporters and common people who simply noticed the very low quality of the “critique”.

In the comments section, it is very hard to find any positive responses at all—I struggled to find a single one compliment to the band—most comments are guys ironizing this “masterpiece” of punk rock music and pointing out to their laughable cringe, some even said the song made them want to join the Alt-Right or that the Alt-Right should use it as a recruitment anthem.

When the video starts, we are shown images of Hitler, Pepe the Frog, Swastikas and, of course, references to President Trump, the KKK, and gun control. Can you picture a more liberal cliché than that?

The user Chester Belloc commented, “This sounds like it was written by a Boomer college professor.”

Bingo! Greg Graffin, Bad Religion’s founder alongside Brett GUREWITZ, is in fact a Baby Boomer who happens to be a college professor of anthropology at UCLA. Apparently, Greg is also an anti-religion activist: the band’s logo designed by GUREWITZ is a Christian cross with a red prohibition sign over it (that must have been quite a shocker for old ladies of the past century).

Hatred for Western Civilization is latent in their work. The vocalist is your typical Baby Boomer elitist liberal. Very punk, huh?

Boomer, Liberal, Educated, Superior

Delineator of Light noted:

Imagine Bad Religion’s mostly white audience looking at pictures of healthy white couples in this video as images of “white supremacy” they’re supposed to be disgusted by. Seriously, you have to wait until very late in the video until it becomes obvious that it’s anti-alt-right and not pro-alt-right, because so much of the imagery is attractive and the lyrics are vague.

Well, I guess having this sort of political position when your musical genre is “hardcore/punk”, which is almost entirely related to working class/middle class white people, is not a very cleaver idea. Do minorities and wealthy white people listen to this type of music? No, I am pretty sure they don’t.


Another user called Andrew Jones said, “‘We love our women, we love tradition, we love kin.’ Oh no, the absolute horror!”

Indeed only a bunch of deeply degenerate humans that lost complete touch with reality and live on a bubble of delusion could see it as negative acts.

Evil white couples in the clip!

The verses ,”We’ve got shiny new tools”, “For ancient impulses that we can’t even understand” and “Alternative facts, alternative lies” clearly indicate the disdain and hate that these liberal Boomers have for the free internet. They really preferred the days when we didn’t have a voice and were all indoctrinated without any questioning whatsoever. For them the internet is a plague. I always hear older leftists cursing the social media for their defeats.

“We must talk about the dangers of social media and how it activates kids’ most ancient impulses as love for kin.”

Growing up as a skater kid in Brazil, I used to enjoy listening to Bad Religion and similar bands like NOFX; after all that was the soundtrack of skateparks and games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Back in the day I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics and their political stances, I just wanted to be this rebel skater kid (self-affirmation when skateboarding was cool and not owned by big corporations with lots of real posers). By that time, the left had not gone publicly insane yet. In my perception that happened somewhere around 2012.

Now, with 23 years of age, my mind is incapable of imagining a more depressing and ridiculous image than that of these middle-aged (now almost elderly) Baby Boomer dads on a stage pretending to be bad, acting like “punks”, banging their heads and playing these terrible and poorly written liberal songs. It is so freaking shameful.

When I was 12, punk rock music was awesome and it sounded great, but I can’t imagine how these 50-something dudes can still enjoy it. That must require a very low IQ I am sure. If we analyze carefully, punk rock was never really “counterculture”, because it was widely idealized by people like Malcom McLaren, who were businessmen of the fashion industry and showbiz. Punk rock and related genres are to music what abstract modern art is to real art. We are the real counterculture.

Look how awesome and bad we are!

I highly recommend that all of you check the comments section of this video, it is funny as HELL. This attempt at music once again proves that the left can’t meme.

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