“That is one big pile of shit.”

I remember giggling like a punch-drunk fool when Jeff Goldblum said that in Jurassic Park.  It was the first PG-13 movie my parents ever let me watch, and hearing someone swear so casually made me feel like I was one of the adults.  Then, the terrifying monsters that used to actually be real showed up, guys were getting eaten alive, and I felt like my 8-year-old self again.

It’s a fond set of memories connected to a movie I still enjoy.  This weekend I saw the latest installment of the franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  As it continued to beat me over the head with woke propaganda, I kept thinking: “that is one big pile of shit.”  Let’s explore the progressive tropes in this pile of shit, and an accidental conservative stance that slipped by unnoticed.

“It’s 2018; I’m capable of saving myself from this volcano, thank you very much!”

The Intention

In chronological order, these are the most prominent leftist social engineering themes imbued in JWFK.

1. Dismissal of “Fake News” accusations

As exposition, there is a BBC news segment where an anchor informs the audience of “Save the Dinosaur” rallies and summits.  A scrolling chyron reads the unnamed US President denies the existence of dinosaurs.

The filmmakers have concluded that (A) objectively denying the existence of animals viewed by tens of thousands of people and researched with published empirical data in the JWFK universe is the same as (B) holding media accountable to fact checking and committing to unbiased reporting in our universe.

2. Gender bender

Two supporting characters are archetypes of their respective opposite sex.  One is a male computer programmer who is a frantic, effeminate wreck.  He asks for reassurance from women multiple times, and he screams in a falsetto at least twice.

His counterpart is a stereotypical “woman who don’t take no orders from no man” tough girl.  At one point she actually says something like “I’m not as fragile as your ego implies” to the double-crossing game hunter, who later calls her a “nasty woman.”  The Tumblr-feminism hallmarks of stilted, unwitty quips and the obsession of President Trump’s supposed misogyny made the cut into this movie about dinosaurs.

Scene from original film rebranded as sexual assault PSA

3. Capitalism is bad

To be fair, this theme has been present since the first Jurassic Park.  However, it has been at the forefront in Jurassic World and JWFK.  In JWFK, the animals are only saved because the group funding the rescue operation plans an auction of the surviving dinosaurs.

Later, the buyers are identified as tourism executives or industrial war complex magnates.  It’s difficult to take the “capitalism is bad” theme seriously when a film is part of a franchise that has grossed over a billion dollars from box office sales alone, not to mention merchandise revenue.

4. President Trump is bad

So far, opinion pieces in ScreenRant and The Guardian claim the vicious new Indoraptor is a metaphor for President Trump.  They cite the Indoraptor’s creation by capitalism, purchase by Russian warmongers, and even its spindly head spikes that supposedly resemble the President’s coiffure as evidence.

I honestly don’t know if this is intentional from the screenwriters and director, or if this is just a case of journalists with Trump Derangement Syndrome seeing what they want to see.


Make Dinosaurs Great Again

The movie basically feels like a very long Vox video, with decent dinos.  But how on earth can you find a conservative stance in this travesty?  Well, it happens by accident.

The Mistake

The movie tries to make another woke statement, but it unintentionally supports a conservative policy instead.  Toward the end, the auction went awry and most of the people fled.  The activists must decide to either let the dinosaurs suffocate from a poisonous gas leak, or they can release the dinosaurs into the forests of Northern California.

Eventually, the little girl decides to free all of the dinosaurs.  She says she has to free them because “they’re alive, like me”—she feels connected to them because she just found out minutes ago she is a clone, and she knows the dinosaurs are clones of their ancestors.

It’s a sloppy conclusion, but it’s basically supposed to be about empathy.  In this, the filmmakers try to make a case for open immigration policy.  However, in their sanctimonious virtue signaling, they didn’t realize that this is a much stronger metaphor advocating restrictive immigration policy.

Before the little girl opens the door leading outside, one of the adults has to unlock the individual cages.  The adult unlocks all the individual cages, both the herbivores and the carnivores.  The herbivores symbolize good illegal immigrants and the carnivores symbolize bad illegal immigrants.

By unlocking all the cages, she symbolizes leftist ideologues who want to give all illegal immigrants unfettered access to the United States.  It’s mayhem for both the good illegal immigrants and the citizens of the US to have bad illegal immigrants here.  But let’s go a step further.

What if the adult just unlocked the herbivore cages and the little girl released them?  Sure, these dinosaurs wouldn’t eat people.  But they could step on people, and cause traffic accidents and damage to property.  And it would cost taxpayer money to deploy crews to safely capture the herbivores and get them relocated to a sanctuary.

This symbolizes that even if we only have good illegal immigrants entering the United States, it is still a massive problem.  It causes significant disruption and taxpayer money to support them, when they really shouldn’t be here in the first place.  Dinosaurs and people should not coexist.  Illegal immigrants should not be in the United States.


It’s a shame that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is such a big pile of shit.  The acting isn’t terrible, and I laughed at a couple of Chris Pratt lines.  The visual effects and the sound are good.  It’s just the latest recipient of a social justice makeover, and that gets old really quick.  It’s accidental anti-immigration stance will go largely overlooked.  I regret giving my money to this movie and the institution it represents, because Hollywood is pushing the entire West to be #woke.

I’ll keep in mind the closing scene of the film, where Jeff Goldblum reprises his role as Dr. Malcolm in a testimony before Congress.  He says that humans will now have to coexist with dinosaurs, and there’s a cut to of the gigantic mosasaurus opening its jaws as it approaches an unsuspecting surfer.

We do not have to coexist with illegal immigrants.  Read a book by Pat Buchanan.  Promote the work of John Lott.  And if you don’t already, make sure you know the candidates you’re voting for in November commit themselves to immigration reform.

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