Take a second and think of any man this moment. What that man is today is simply a reflection of everyday he has lived up to this point in time.

I recently stumbled across a quote by Arthur Schopenhauer. Despite its simplicity the effect it had over me was powerful. Now hear me out, I’m not the type of guy that gets really inspired by quotes or Googles them like a fat girl before starting a new diet, which she will later give up on and decide it’s easier to stuff her face with Haagen Dazs ice cream and sausage & egg McGriddles. I especially believe most quotes are simply red pill realities sugar coated for the blue pill prescribed masses. Besides I get enough of these quotes from ‘like’ thirsty girls trying to get their daily dose of attention. But I believe this quote has the power to improve our current state or at its least it can be used as a measure to reflect upon ourselves.

“Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to sleep and rest a little death.”

Tomorrow you will wake up. Your lifespan is 24 hours, how will you live it?

You wake up. Did you hit the snooze button on your alarm or where you up and ready after its first ring? Now did you have a nice balanced breakfast or did you microwave last night’s pizza? Do you feel comfortable in your clothing? Did you brush your teeth? As in life the parallels in this quote are simply a micro interpretation of your life, and a good youth is essential for a good life.

If you have a crappy morning odds are you are going to have a crappy day. You woke up late, you didn’t eat a good breakfast, you don’t feel comfortable in your attire, you didn’t even brush your teeth and now you have all that internal baggage dragging you down all day, simply because the beginning was shit. Just as in life if a kid has a shitty childhood then guess what? That kid will most likely grow up and be a shitty person (there is exceptions of course). So in our 24-hour lifespan we must make sure to take full advantage of this youth and start it off correctly since each action affects the next.


Do you have ambitions or goals for your day?  You must wake up and have a goal in mind, you must be hungry for something, anything. Whether it’s changing the light bulb that gave out last week, or something bigger like starting a blog from your cheap brand name laptop and not to mention your crippled Wi-Fi signal that comes and goes. As in life you see the parallels in your days. You have long term goals in life, whether it’s in your career, your game or enhancing your appearance by hitting the gym. It all starts one day. That is what keeps us moving and looking forward towards another day; the hunger to accomplish these goals. So in your remaining hours of life do you have a goal in sight? Will you accomplish it? Will you try?

Now the sun has set, you know your time is near. Can you lay in bed with peace of mind knowing you did everything in your power to accomplish the goals you set? If yes then reflect upon what you have accomplished and let yourself know that you are a better man than you were when you first woke up. As in life one day we will die. Every experience we live through eventually leads us all to death. When we know our time is near will we look back and ask ourselves if we accomplished everything we ever wanted, if we tried.

The man is all he ever was. Every experience will add up to the man he is today. It all depends on each day of his life, if most of yours days are filled with accomplishments or on the other hand failures your life is just going to be a magnification of each day of your life. Just how a single drop of blood can identify a man, a day in your life can identify the type of life you have or will have.

Of course, you can simply die tonight and know you will have tomorrow to live again.

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