Two very physically unimposing female police officers have been murdered in the Belgian city of Liege, killed by an Islamic extremist on temporary release from prison. This same man, Benjamin Herman, also made quick work of another male, a 22-year-old bystander, who tried to intervene. The women were stabbed from behind, quickly disarmed, and had their own weapons turned on them by their attacker.

The price of pretending that women are as capable as men

Herman, apparently a career criminal, then took a female civilian hostage and was later neutralized by special forces, but not before he wounded another four officers. Even if the deceased assailant was not a timid, bespectacled accountant or pen-pusher, the consummate ease with which he terrorized Belgian police without assistance is extremely troubling.

A group of similarly inclined and well-organized men would probably be capable of routing most of the police stationed in Liege (or any other politically correct West European city) before tactical or special forces could respond.

This woman did not deserve to die, but why was she tasked with protecting the streets of Belgium?

Official and unofficial gender quotas in police forces and militaries get people killed. We have said this before here at ROK and I am certain we will be forced to say it again. Soraya Belkacemi and Lucille Garcia were, very alarmingly, reported as being aged 53 and 45 respectively. Though police officers are not invincible and the pair were certainly ambushed, those tasked with protecting society should not be so readily disarmed. In the main, they are being opposed by fit and hardened young men, many of whom have used a gun in a real situation more times than law enforcement.

Belgium already has a severe problem with Islamic migrants (and converts like Herman). Nevertheless, the response of authorities is to populate the police force with women and other unimpressive candidates, people whom 99% of reasonable individuals would identify as soccer moms, not law enforcement “professionals.” Entire societies are currently at risk as a result.

It’s time for extreme honesty, but not schadenfreude

The Orly Airport terrorist who took a female soldier hostage.

I take no pleasure in the death of these women–nor should anyone else. Yet anyone who argues that their gender, age, and physical condition (or lack thereof) didn’t play a role in their deaths is kidding themselves. We saw a comparable incident at Orly Airport just outside Paris last year. Which soldier did the attacker here decide to disarm? The female one. Again, she had her own weapon turned on her.


If anything, political correctness in police forces and militaries is becoming more brazen. Whereas previously a dainty young woman would be paired with a much larger and more intimidating male partner, police in Belgium are now pairing old women with each other. What could possibly go wrong with such inspired, rational decisions in the name of diversity?

I can concede that the issue isn’t only a female one—plenty of unsuitable men benefit from the reduced standards that accompany female quotas, official or implicit. But the weakest link is always going to be groups of ill-equipped women of whom much less is expected.

Here are some “great” examples of how public safety is being deliberately sabotaged across the West to satisfy feminists:

So what happens when things truly go wrong in the 21st century West?

In a real societal emergency, don’t rely on emergency services, law enforcement, and the military

When the shit really hits the fan, all the chickens will come home to roost. Years of underperformance in recruitment and enforcing basic standards are going to render fire departments, police forces, and militaries highly ineffectual in dealing with nationwide or even just citywide emergencies.

Despite the professionalism of many able and dedicated first responders and soldiers, their efforts can only be diluted and severely undermined when many of their colleagues have no place in helping to protect society.

Remember, feelings don’t defend society, competence and skill do.

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